Small protest held against Trump in Tokyo


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“I grew up in the 1960s, and it feels like we are going backwards, and am very worried that we will lose all of the advances we have made over these years,”

The aging baby boomer now in charge wants to go back to the 1950s, the days of separate but 'equal' when blatant discrimination was accepted, when corporations were allowed to pollute unchecked. Can anyone name a single nation that has prospered by going back in time?

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Those people are fear mongering. The Corporate America of the 50s, 60s & 70`s took proper care of its people. This is what the President Donald Trump is talking about.

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The Corporate America of the 50s, 60s & 70`s took proper care of its people.

Are you referring to the days when UNIONS had enough voice to ensure workers had some protection, the days before the Reagan Republicans busted unions?

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This is precisely the kind of behavior that caused the Democrats to be stomped into the ground last November.

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These people might be right.... Trump might be a major mistake but I think they're idiots for not giving him a chance first.

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Several hundred people, most of them expat Americans, held a protest on Friday night in Hibiya Park, Tokyo, against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, hours before his inauguration in Washington.

Several hundred people? That doesn't sound like very many were protesting. The photo's I've seen don't seem to show that many in attendance. Are there any overhead photos available that would provide a more accurate count?

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People complaining about Trump, here in Japan are mostly younger than 50 years old, some exceptions and have been educated in America by a educational system that has for many years been broken. Teachers with agendas of the Communist Progressive Liberals program, using the Common Cores system. Trump speaks the way most Americans used to and hopefully will help to bring back clear, direct and to the point speaking and stop the evasive style used a lot today with words that say nothing and with a constant smile of assured smugness. Trump gave the greatest speech in history and should you not support him, that is okay. don' t become, physically confrontational with people who do or use violence to make your points. The American government has been corrupt far to long and Trump is giving government back to the people is the big message.

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Protesting is fine. Have a wonderful time.

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I think Strangerland, Aly Rustom, and turbostat were holding hands in that "small" ruckus.

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"Small protest held against Trump in Tokyo". Enough said.

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They forgot Tokyo people hate any demonstratef

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Thank you to the demonstrators, but it is too little too late. The USA will soon have nuclear missiles raining down upon it.

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That's okay, make fun of the "small" protest in Tokyo...just pretend that the groups around the world totalling 2.5 million don't exist, but then that's what Trumps supporters have been doing since the beginning...pretend that he doesn't lie, pretend that he doesn't destroy other business so that he doesn't have to pay them, pretend to pay taxes, pretend to have a "University", pretend that he had a million people at his inauguration when in-fact there was only 250,000, pretend that the Media lies so that when the Media prints the truth you uneducated believe his lies, pretend he doesn't demean woman, pretend he isn't a narcissist, pretend that he's a man of the people when in fact since the 1980's he's never done one, not one thing for anyone else but himself, pretend that he didn't cheat with his charity foundation to the point that New York State Attorney General closed it down for being fraudulent, pretend that he didn't plagiarize his inauguration speech from 3 different Hollywood Movies, Independence Day, Avatar, and The Dark Knight Rises...PRETEND...PRETEND...PRETEND...so now you want us educated American's to pretend along with you...nope we're too smart for that. Most of us don't live in Trumpland, we live in America.

Idiots tried to sell his wife's jewelry from the White House Website...sheesh...he doesn't even know the rules of the job. But then again he didn't know what the Nuclear Triad was. Just goes to show that a hell of a lot of Americans are idiots sad to say.

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mukashiyokatta: The USA will soon have nuclear missiles raining down upon it.

I'm shaking in my boots! How soon should we expect the missiles to start raining down on us and who will be doing the "raining?"

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So much for the world stereotype that Japanese are blind sheeple, unwilling to stand against the grain and engage in things like activism.

Good for them.

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Makes sense, the mood at the Tokyo American Club was gloomy. Most American expats here are highly educated and high earners; they're all anti-Trump. Says something about the quality of the Yank these days

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American protesters could include their wives or girlfriend. don't obey Japanese custom 100%.

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The people protesting seem to be jumping the gun as Mr.Trump hasn't been in office for a week-Do they fear living? are they so spoiled as to think their world will end because they lost ?

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