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S Korea's Yoon calls for unification, on holiday marking 1919 uprising against colonial Japan


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A unified Korean peninsula is not possible. North and South are two entirely different countries now. A unified Japan/South Korea would happen before North and South become one. Meaning, it won't happen.

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Well east and west Germany did unify. Not sure everyone liked the result. Half got poorer and half got richer.

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Half got poorer and half got richer.

I give you two guesses which half is constantly complaining, you'll need them.

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East Germany was envied throughout the Soviet block for its relatively high standard of living - yet even German unification was high standard of living - yet even German unification was an arduous endeavor. The Koreas pose a dilemma of many magnitudes greater complexity. All I can envision is "unification" in name but travel, voting, and residency restrictions remaining in place for at least a generation.

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SKorea sees any call to for "unification" by NKorea as a threat to invade and take over SKorea, And likewise NKorea will see this call for "unification" by SKorea to be a threat to themselves as well. As wonderful and idealistic it maay be, it fosters more hostility rather than friendship.

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@OssanAmerica, I tend to think you're correct about any unification of the Koreas fostering more hostility than friendship, but I also believe that hostility would be evident in only the politicians on both sides, not the ordinary citizens. But since I'm not Korean I could be terribly wrong. Nonetheless, Yoon's dream won't become a reality with Kim and his cohorts in charge north of the border. And let's not forget Xi and what he might cause China to do if such a thing happened. The whole thing's a hopeless mess.

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A unified Korean peninsula is not possible. 

Surely it can.

Kim Jong Un drops dead from a head attack/stroke.

Infighting between Kim Yo Jong and Kim Joo Ae.

OPLAN 5015 condition is met and an automatic invasion is triggered.

The ROK takeover of North Korea in about 2 weeks.

A unified Japan/South Korea would happen

That would imply an ROK invasion and take over of Japan since the ROK is militarily the more powerful of two. It was once assumed that the ROK had more firepower than Germany+France+UK combined, but turns out the ROK had more firepower than all of EU combined based on ammunition support of Ukraine.


“More Than the Entire EU Combined.” Which Country Became the Largest Supplier of Artillery Shells to Ukraine?

Posted December 8, 2023

Contrary to some earlier predictions, South Korea has transferred more artillery shells to Ukraine than all the EU countries combined.

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It's not doable. Even if you forget about all the elite classes and system there for a bit, but just them being China neighbor alone, they would never allow the unification to happen. North Korea has always been seen as a buffer zone for them. One of the biggest problem is also North Korea huge stockpiles of weapons. Not only nukes, but also chemical and biological weapons. The first thing is to even secure them all over the country.

The Kim dynasty might be horrifying, but they are also the only thing keeping all the horrors of lethal weapons of their nation in check. Even the US would never wish for the Kim family to lose control and create a huge nightmare for the US. Especially when you have over 1 million of active soldiers that will suddenly lose their purpose and job.

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just them being China neighbor alone, they would never allow the unification to happen

It is not China's decision to make. China's primary objective is to prevent the spill over of chaos across the border, not be dragged into another Korea War and lose half a million troops.

In fact, China already made a secret "non-intervention" agreement with the ROK which led Kim Jon Il to seek nuclear weapons as a regime survival tool. China won't get involved because of the nukes, Kim would simply nuke the invading PLA troops and an invasion into North Korea requires neutralizing those nukes which China isn't capable of but the ROK and the US drills for it every year.

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By any measure, SK is a success compared to NK, unless you are counting levels of suffering, lack of food, or dictator counts.

The standoff between North and South needs to end. They have the same language, same history, same culture, except the oppression in the north. If they merged, the world would help Korea integrate.

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The more SK and NK fight each other, the more good old US rub its cold bony hands in excitement hiding in a dark corner..

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The more SK and NK fight each other, the more good old US rub its cold bony hands in excitement hiding in a dark corner..

How empty and sad must your life be to always blame the big meanie USA for the schism between the koreas, and not the despotic, murderous tyrant who keeps his people in some of the most abject poverty and despicable conditions on the planet, where attempting to leave or even contact the outside world will get you and your family killed.

But no, must be the US’s fault because TokyoLiving has a complex…

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I can hardly wait for Kim the Fat's Krypt Keeper Barbie little sis to give one of her tart replies to the South Koreans.

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Kim Jong Un drops dead

It's not as simple as that. There are way more parties involved and Fat but doesn't look like he's gonna die of hunger anytime soon.

That would imply an ROK invasion and take over of Japan

You're mistaken again. If what I said above would ever happen (I didn't imply it as a possible scenario), it would be without any one invading the other. And since Korea and Japan are in such good terms, all thanks to your persistent, Yoon, your fantasy would never come true.

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Your president, Yoon.

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