Yoon, Kishida vow to deepen ties


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Both Kishida and Yoon may not be around next year given their sinking poll numbers, so this is moot.

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Give Yoon credit - he's the first Korean President to act with conviction and forward thinking when it comes to Japan. All the rest promised improved relations with Japan, then when some scandal hit, traipsed off to Takeshima/Dokto to pose with a rifle and try to deflect their troubles with nationalism.

South Korea is a much different country than it was 30, even 20 years ago - it is now a stable and economically thriving democracy - with world-class industries. It no longer has to feel inferior to Japan.

Both countries have much in common - and face threats from similar adversaries...

Yoon understands this - and deserves praise for his progressive leadership...

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Both Kishida and Yoon may not be around next year given their sinking poll numbers, so this is moot.

From the part of Japan Kishida is not really that important, the next person in the Job is likely to just keep the same line as it has happened for a long time already, but in the case of SK the opposite is more likely to happen, every change of president brings whiplash causing changes of direction in several things, with the relationship with Japan being a frequent scapegoat.

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@Samit Basu

Both Kishida and Yoon may not be around next year given their sinking poll numbers, so this is moot.

Yes, but they are the leaders now, and probably can hold on for at least a year, so their ties are important. Japan and Korea have a lot in common and should find strength in therein.

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Cousins finally getting it together…

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Presideny Yoon ias the fiest South Korean President to not carry or cater to the anti-Japan infeririority complex that has driven SK politics. President Yoon is acting objectively in the best interests of his country, instead of being a puppet for North Korea and China. A true Patriot who will likely go down s a great man in South Korean history.

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Yoon is definitely the MVP of East Asian political affairs right now.

It's not even that he is some visionary or an extremely effective leader. More so that his predecessor, Moon Jae-In, was an absolute clown who went to great lengths to sabotage years of progress in relations with Japan, and Yoon has done a good job of cleaning up the mess.

Kishida needs to use this opportunity to make any deals available that could help his country. Maybe see if he can get some foreign investment from Samsung, or an SK-Hynix fab, for example. Anything. The Japanese economy is not dynamic at all and things are falling apart fast here.

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Three leaders whose popularity rating hovers between 20 and 30%. By the end of 2024 they will be yesterday's men.

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