South Korea drops Japan from 'white list' in trade row

By Jung Yeon-je

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the latest move in a bitter row stemming from Tokyo's use of forced labour during World War II

GET OVER IT!!! WWII is long over! Apologies have been made and money has been given to the SK government. ..... Many times over! When are you (SK) going to move forward! Don't start another war for something that happened almost 100 years ago.

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Seoul had already warned Tokyo it would reciprocate following a similar move by Japan in late August to downgrade South Korea's trade status.

But Seoul's official statement is as foolish as "This is not retaliation" and its action is as stupid as filing WTO

with only Japan's action.

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The first paragraph of this article is inaccurate. The reason for the dispute is because Japan had enough of S Korea reselling sensitive items to bad people.

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Now imagine if the Japanese started boycotting all things related to K Pop.

Who would come out the bigger loser from this. The Koreans who are boycotting Japanese beer? Or the Japanese boycotting K Pop?

(Korean K Pop agencies make a large bulk of their revenue from Japan and some of the biggest agencies are also tied to the Korean pension system. So imagine if these agencies took a huge hit in revenue and the knock on effect that it'll have)

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Ridiculous tit-for-tat action by SK. So childish and predictable . SK started the whole dispute, and their stubborn behaviour will speed up the downfall of the economy. Moon has to go!

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"stemming from Tokyo's use of forced labour during World War II."

Wrong. How is there still confusion over the actual cause? Are the intentionally trying to misinform?

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Let's change from Samsung to Micron.

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What this article is not writing is that SK states that they are in compliance with WTO while at the same time files a suit against Japan at WTO for doing the exact same thing.

Talk about flip flopping big time!!

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Once again SK continues to keep doing the wrong (and unnecessary) thing, rather than just comply with Japan's request for information on exports and resolve the issue. Petty and childish.

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Those who don't actually care that much, but pretends to know everything and posting here only to blame Japan, here is some quick review for you.


Park Geun-hye completely rejected any meetings with Japanese PM Abe ( Remember, at last and for the 1st time after 3years, at the meeting with Obama in the middle, Abe spoke to her in Korean while she was looking the other way?), I mean, she spent entire 3 years, 3/4 of her presidential term on Korean specialty, backbiting diplomacy, which makes your statement “Diplomacy and negotiation, communication with understanding will resolve this” just suspicious, until finally and completely and irreversibly settling CW issue. 


What has SK been doing against Japan since then?


SK gutted the CW agreement and scrapped the fund and restarted Int’l Anti-Japan campaign

SK suddenly refused Japanese maritime flag at Navy International Fleet Review.

SK took complete hostile action by locking-in a Japanese surveillance plane by FC radar.

SK provoked Japan by having military drill at the disputed islets

SK did a ultra personnel reshuffle and nominated the far-left judge to the top of its supreme court and flipped 1965 Treaty over.

SK kept ignoring Japan’s official requests for both direct communication or arbitration as stipulated in art 3 in 1965 agreement wrt the verdict over wartime labor issues.

SK kept ignoring Japan’s official requests for direct meetings and explanation on its export controls for longer than 3years.

SK instigated Anti-Japan, boycott campaigns, radioactive campaigns, Fukushima contaminated water campaign ( Note it is not contaminated, it is purified treated water, and I can go on how SK notorious nuclear plants have been dealing with such water as a matter of very fact!!)

SK removed Japan off its white list and its municipalities started “made by Japanese war criminals” campaign but dare to file WTO over this dispute.


What else? I may be forgetting some more.


Now what exactly Japan has done for these years? Yasukuni? Stop BS-ing. Visiting Yasukuni is not for provoking a particular country.

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Of course, I forgot


SK keeps annoying IOC and TOC regarding rising-sun flag and even the design on gold medal

for paralympians.

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South Korea is like :

"Japan, you're not giving me any more money even though our divorce has been finalized and everything has been paid since 1965? I'll raise a big stink!"

Japan is like :

"..................in other news..."

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