South Korea, Japan to end expanded currency swap deal

By Tetsushi Kajimoto and Choonsik Yoo

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It should be zero and not 13 billion. Until Korea stops blaming Japans for all of their troubles there will not be progress.

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@YuriOtani - I agree. it should be zero. Why would Korea be doing a favor to Japan by keeping the remaining 13 billion dollars facility is beyond me.

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DON'T MISUNDERSTOOD me and Don't be too optimistic.about ZERO. You should study the reasons why the economic collapse of Japan has begun since Tsunami brought diaster and seriously damages.to Japan.

The government of Japan decision making of her own national affair's should not be influences by the Right Winger. Otherwise...........just a friendly.......

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Let's stop pretending that:

Japan and SKorea are closest allies.

Two democracies would not have head on collisions

All Japan's troubles are caused by PRC.

PRC is a bad country that runs into trouble with every other countries. At least, relationship with S Korea at this stage is quite good, and is getting better in fact.
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Obviously, Korea no longer needs Japan. But Japan still needs Korea - at least for its dramas and K-pop. ;)

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