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S Korea summons Japanese diplomat over disputed islands


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Take it to the international court of arbitration, make your case, then accept the ruling. That's what adults do.

Lots of countries have land disputes with their neighbors. Heck, the USA and Canada have multiple disputes over land boarders.

If the current status isn't to your liking, avoidance is common. Let the next govt address it or avoid it too.

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Japan has requested South Korea three times to settle the matter in an international tribunal, but South Korea is unlikely to comply with this request since it knows that it will lose if it does.

The fact that the United States and European countries also support Japan's position has not changed since South Korea's invasion of Takeshima.

If South Korea wants true friendship with Japan, it must return Takeshima, which it invaded through the Syngman Rhee line, and offer a heartfelt apology and compensation to the 44 people who died and the 3,929 people who were wrongfully detained.

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A friendly reminder that Japan has territorial disputes with all surrounding nations and even Taiwan.

A reminder that China has territorial disputes with Bhutan, India, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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A friendly reminder that Japan has territorial disputes with all surrounding nations and even Taiwan.

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Korea needs to do the right thing and agree to arbitration. Japan has been asking politely for this for decades but Korea has refused.

If Korea believes its claim is sound, if it wants good relations with Japan, and if it wants to be a respected member of the international community, this is the correct path.

(And, before anyone says that Japan should enter arbitration with China over the Senkakus, that would be pointless as China does not respect international law. In the case of Takeshima, Japan would respect the law even if it lost.)

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Seems like the recent honeymoon between both governments may not last much longer. The same old excuses to oppose each other are coming back.

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Either Japan and Korea unite or get steamrolled by China!

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