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South Korean president invests in local firms fund amid Japan row

By Jung Yeon-je

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Seems to me that as long as Moon sits in the Blue House things are not going to get any better soon.

SK needs Japan more than Japan needs SK. Keeping the focus on Japan, keeps the electorate away from thinking about their own problems! It's easier to point a finger at Japan than to look in the mirror!

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Moon is going to be taken out now. The South Korean public are now on to his use of anti-Japan sentiment to hide his political problems with his aide.

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Hilarious... this just shows how naive Moon is.  Unless they've started building, pooling capital money, and researching way ahead, I don't think they'll be able to supply the raw materials covered by the sanction. Even China imports hydrogen fluoride from Japan. Without HF, semiconductors, metals, pharma, and agri will suffer. This will then have a domino effect on prices and employment. Eventually, somebody else will be sitting in the Blue House.

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