Suga defends dolphin hunt after U.S. criticism


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Really, are they going to pretend every massacre of whales and dolphins as tradition or scientific research? By now it's pretty ridiculous.

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Agreed, they keep saying its an "ancient" tradition, but in the old days, other forms of meat were not available so dolphins and whales were the best thing. There is not excuse for it in modern times. It was only after the Cove film that the barbaric slow death procedures stopped, now its more "humane" I personally find it disgusting.

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Tradition?? Simple research reveals that they started slashing up dolphins in 70's and 80's, because dolphins were eating the fish they were trying to catch. So the real reason is dolphins were interfearing with fisherman's profits.

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I understood that there are mainly two problems with the dolphin hunting. But for the second problem, then is it ok for people in Taiji to keep on killing dolphins if they somehow find out the way to kill dolphins instantly without pain?

For the mercury problem, I think Japanese gov should do some restrictions if it is really causing serious health problems to people eating dolphin meat. But I also heard unless you eat too much of dolphins meat it is not harmful to health. I am not really sure but with quick search on the internet I could not find any specific examples of dolphin meat causing serious health problem in Japan, but there are just people claiming danger of dolphin meat( maybe I'm just ignorant).

Still I do not understand why those people against killing dolphins care so much about Japanese people's health who are eating dolphin's meat. For most of the Japanese people almost never eat dolphin's meat, including myself.

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I don't support the hunting of dolphins, but the Ambassador's comment is inappropriate for her position. I agree that the practice is unnecessary and barbaric.

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Nothing to explain. Its barbaric, the meat is highly toxic, and its a profit driven business. Selling dolphins to theme parks isnt Japanese culture. It seems though, that it isnt possible to get the fishermen to stop, so the key is to target the theme parks instead

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Tradition?? Simple research reveals that they started slashing up dolphins in 70's and 80's*

Where can I see that simple research?

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What an unfortunate start to her tenure. Twitter turns a mutter into an official statement.

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Ms Kennedy is using this opportunity to show the American's displeasure of Abe's government.

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