Suga says currency policy a top Abe priority


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Would this be the same meaning of "top priority" and "strong interest" that Abe, Suga et al. have placed on the J-economy over the last 5 years? If so, expect ****-all progress on the currency front then.

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The Nikkei did not say when the interview was conducted.

may be when Abe came to power four years ago....!

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Suga is talking rubbish (as usual). There is no "currency policy".

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it is not up to the government to create a favorable environment for companies by manipulating currency values. It is the companies' responsibility to operate in a way to create favorable returns. Japanese companies have long relied on a weak yen to avoid competing head-to-head in the international marketplace, and to result to price fixing to avoid competing in the domestic economy.

Once again, the government is avoiding regulatory reform, and doing as it always has, keeping Japan Inc afloat at the people's expense (as consumers rely on overpriced imported foods, materials, and energy). This is allows Japan Inc to continue operating in it's primitive, non-competitive, seniority-based business model. This keeps the national economy in the hands of an inefficient and low profit private sector economy, and puts up a large barrier to new, competitive companies, which Japan sorely needs to provide economic growth.

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Yes to the extent there is a policy, he is implying it is to weaken one's own currency. And of course Japan would never complain if South Korea or China, to name but two, were to do the same.

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