Suga to leave Japan on Thursday for talks with Biden


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By Friday or Saturday there will follow up press conference by Japanese government, a retold statement from US that US support Tokyo Olympics.

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Surely a sub-ordinate can simply take orders from the boss via Zoom.

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A meeting of charismatic great minds!

Gawd help us all!

Zoom is definitely enough for this!

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This is good news.

The bad news is that he'll probably come back.

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No further damage for a few days, a short recreation break for the country, needed and welcoming. So let’s take a deep breath for the things continuing afterwards.

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The 2 oldsters can do push ups and sit ups together.

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I thought you had to wait two or three weeks after the second vaccination shot for it to be 100% effective in being virus free....am I wrong?

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I'm reading in the news that the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to greet the new US President is "mainly symbolic".

But it certainly also seems "symbolic" of a despot's attempt to escape the emergency in their own home country.

I'm tired of reading of "vows" "pledges" and "poises".

Let's see some US President Biden style ACTION.

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A meeting of charismatic great minds!

Gawd help us all!

Zoom is definitely enough for this!

LOL yeah. A weak minded party apparachik and an increasingly senile puppet who often does not know what his handlers hand him to sign.

No surprise life-time president Xi is happy these days.

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