Suga tells climate summit Japan will review efforts toward 2030 emissions-cut target


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contribute up to $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund for helping developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Until now, this that meant financing the spread of 'clean' coal plants in these countries with the generous 'help' of Japan inc. heavy industry.

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Review efforts

Now that sounds serious

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Start with much greater emphasis on conservation.

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big mouth! , SUGA will be where in 2030 and 2050??, I never see Suga using the subway...

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Unfortunately most money given to ‘developing countries’ ends up in the bank accounts of the countries ‘leaders’ for lack of a more accurate term!

Send experts on these projects to direct how the financial resources of that country can be best used to achieve environmental goals!

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Review exactly what does that actually mean? More nuclear power? Less nuclear power?

Renewable sources of power? A crack down on corruption? What are the parameters of this review held mostly my guess out of public sight, and who is reviewing it, there are no names not even Koizomi is mentioned, might just be a fluffy release resulting in nothing.

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start with kerosene heaters

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I still get a kick out of the fact that despite your average Joe Tanaka last week patting himself on the back for the Hayabusa (like he helped in any part), his kids or grandkids likely still go to a school that pulls out gas heaters to plug in in winter and allows the kids to wear their 19th century Prussian uniforms as they rote learn from the chalkboard writings.

Japan is going to be left in the dust on this one. While they are still producing most cars with combustible engines because the companies are locked in their ways, and can't even DECIDE on anything, but only form panels and talk about thinking about it, other nations are already moving on.

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Sad to see another virtue signalling fool in Japans government.

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Pledge, review, consider...Japan's way of saying we won't commit but want to look good on the world stage.

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PM Suga has three children, so is it surprising that he cares about the future?

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Hayabusa mission is a great achievement for science and Japan future.

Plaza Accord destroyed Japan, affected Japanese kids and grandchildren for many generation to come, that's the real enemy.

Stolen wealth and prosperity from Japan and it's people by the Plaza Accord 1985.

We don't even invest enough in space, America spends 2x as much, Ellon Musk doing incredible things in space.

SmithinJapan is upset that we have a space agency, that Japan is doing the bare minimum in space. We should do nothing like this. Instead we should sign another Plaza Accord destroying Japan for another 3 Lost decades and he never mentions anything about That Part.

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