Super Mario, Trump buddy: Remembering the Abe era

By Natsuko FUKUE

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Super Mario, Abenomics. All down the tubes. Next!

Business as usual japan style.

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Abe will be remembered as the revanchist Japanese "Robin Hood" who with his phony "three arrows" robbed the poor and gave to the rich and who, despite his long tenure, left his mark on the Heisei "lost decades" with a lack of accomplishments thereafter known to posterity as "Abenomics".

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Abe Maria, Super Mario, Trump casino, Abenomics, Abeno mask, amem!

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I’ll remember Abe for his Teflon coat amid various allegations of corruption.

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A legacy full of scandals. Plus, higher taxes, useless masks, poor response to covid, and broken arrows. Thank god I don't have to look at that greasy pomade anymore. Now, it's just a barcode comb-over.

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He is not going to be missed, what did he actually achieve....nothing well not nothing lowering living standards that weren't great to begin with. Good job.

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If Trump and "Super Mario" are the things to remember from Abe's term, it's a pretty damn sad statement about how he led Japan!

The sooner articles like this disappear, the faster people can forget about how much he screwed things up!

ANY leader that has a majority number of seats in the country"s parliament and can not get through legislation to make effective and worthwhile changes to improve the quality of life for ALL it's citizens, should never be glorified or looked up to!

Abe's abject failure to accomplish anything worthwhile should be a subject about how NOT to rule!

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Yeah, just focus on the so-called, highlights. No mention of his massive failures like, free child care, reducing waiting lists for childcare to zero, getting women into the workforce, increasing salaries, using the two sales tax increases to pay off the national debt and that really dumb concept of Abenomics.

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Jurassic Farce

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Abe can rest on his laurels and say :Mission Accomplished.

His arrows have succeeded in draining the obsessively working and saving Japanese working classes, transferring wealth to the rent-seeking and capital-holding and creating a stable if not permanent underclass labor pool of younger Japanese and foreigners.

By the measures by which he came to office he is an unqualified success.

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The tumble into the golf course bunker will probably his most indelible image.

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The sad part about Abe is that J-media is glorifying his rein especially in Foreign policy, his kissing Trumps backside is indeed a great achievement to the J-media,

What I will never forget about him is he waiting for Ivanka infront of a restaurant.

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Japanese will forget his corruption, Fukushima Dainichi will continue silently and nobody will be able to name the names of the last 7 PM’s.

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The most corrupt Japanese P.M. hands down.Never saw a scandal he wouldn't avoid,so he could help out his crony friends in business.His Damenomics and broken arrows were just that.Born with a silver spoon in his mouth that he could not relate to normal people lives. Internationally? North Korea? Teased the families but achieved nothing or any returns.No change with Russia despite 28 meetings with Putin. Tried to get the constitution changed to go look for trouble overseas and that failed... thankfully.In short, a disaster of a premiership that made living standards lower. He's got time to look back now on how bad he was.I feel for the lives of others he ruined whilst Prime Minister.Maybe there is a karma around.

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