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Support for Kishida cabinet lowest since it was formed: NHK


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In the NHK poll, 82% of respondents said they did not believe political parties and lawmakers had sufficiently explained themselves about their ties with the Unification Church, known for its mass weddings and devoted following.


So many skeletons in the closet-the Japanese public don’t know the half of it!

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They should list which parties these people support. Otherwise, it sounds like they’re calling only LDP supporters. I’m happy this Unification Church scandal has been a wake up call for many. But polling only 1200 plus people doesn’t suffice. It should be at least 100,000. Lastly, they need to do something about the weakening yen, or it’ll further rank the economy. Can the government please show some care for even their citizens at least? It’s a challenge for foreigners to have any negligible support from them as it is

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I'm sure they'll be fine. They're starting reshuffles already.

Good the Unification Church ties have been brought to light. Now, let's start the back-to-back coverage of where Nippon Kaigi wants to take (and is taking) the country! Lol, like that's going to happen.

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All PM's who see dropping numbers think that "reshuffling" the cabinet will improve their standing in the eyes of the public. Yet in all the years I have been here, I can not recall even a single "reshuffle" that improved anything!

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Kishida is only Abe 3.0, it's no wonder the numbers are starting to tank. The people voted for the LDP, so hey, live with it. When will you learn?

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Sad to see Abe keeps being a factor that decreases the confidence in the government even after his death.

 But polling only 1200 plus people doesn’t suffice. It should be at least 100,000. 

What for? for the population of Japan a sample of around 500 people would give representative results with good margins of confidence, pooling 1,200 people means the results obtained would have a margin of error of less than 3%.

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In a nutshell, prices are rising and people's impatience with Abe's sock-puppet is growing, tired of waiting...for Kishida's "new capitalism" to show up in pocketbooks.

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Kishida's ministers and ruling party lawmakers face public scrutiny over their relationship with the Unification Church, a religious group to which the mother of the man who shot Abe belonged, and which is reported to have had particularly close links with the LDP faction Abe led.

Hopefully this investigation of the ties between politicians and organized religion goes viral worldwide and governments like the LDP will fall and religions lose tax exemptions.

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""In the NHK poll, 82% of respondents said they did not believe political parties and lawmakers had sufficiently explained themselves about their ties with the Unification Church, known for its mass weddings and devoted following.""

I doubt if they ever will, because they know it will be the end of their Career.

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Show a little bit patience. If you don’t give him the chance and time for his new capitalism, you will surely end up with Abe capitalism 3.0 and I really doubt that this is something what you ever should wish for.

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No news here. Kishida’s numbers are far above many previous PMs. The media is just trying to stoke a controversy by still pushing the Abe assassination/state funeral story while at the same time reporting on Kishida. The press will play both ends and reap the benefits.

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Abe was gunned down last month at a campaign rally and the government decided to hold a state funeral in September. But the move to pay for the ceremony for Japan's longest-serving premier, who was also a divisive figure, has faced criticism.

The NHK survey showed 50% of those polled said they did not approve of the government's decision, while 36% said they did.

One estimate is about 3.6 billion yen for the planned state funeral, taken care of by Dentsu, fully financed by tax.

As seen in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, an estimated number usually rises without serious scrutiny. "Ripper-off" Dentsu only benefits. Kishida will further drop its approval rating unless he accounts for it.

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Voters woke up to realize who they are in bed with. But come next election, they are going to put the beer goggles on again. LDP only needs to make half an effort for 2-3 months before the elections, maybe they elect another puppet if this one's beyond redemption like Suga.

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This is what happens when leaders give up …. Time for some real and hard restrictions….. the healthcare system has completely collapsed…. Lock it down.!.

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More of the same -nomics. Votes in the can, polls shmoles. They know the song and it goes " Moonies R, good enough"

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Just get the Moonies to pay for funeral. Seems like they have more than enough cash for it.

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Support for Kishida cabinet lowest since it was formed

Does it even matter?

The LDP, with or without Kishida is going to stay in power anyway.

Until the Japanese public cuts the crap, get a real leader, with real skills in there and actually votes his or her group in, nothing will change. Ever.

Popular or not, if no one steps up and does anything, it really has no meaning.

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Not surprising! Mr.Kishida cannot stand alone very long after the death if Shinzo Abe, he is reliant of the latter's support.

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@Beto Ramirez

You don't understand how statistics work. The marginal improvements to the error-term decreases with greater sample size, so much so that polling 100,000 people is economically unjustifiable for almost any polling firm. Going from polling 100 people to 200 people will net you much more in terms of representativeness than going from 10,000 to 20,000 for instance.

Most pollsters do around 1,000-2,000 people because that is a good sample size that only carries a margin of error of a few percentage points. Why "only" 1,000? Because of the law of large numbers, which dictates that the greater your (random) sample of the population, the greater chance that it is equal to the expected values (which we can only guess at, here) found in the population. Think of it like this: if you roll a 6-sided dice 6 times, you probably won't get each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 right? But if you roll it 60 times, or 600 times you'll probably get a more equal distribution of the results. BUT, while rolling it 6,000,000 times might net you even more accuracy, it's not really justifiable to do so, as getting a reasonably accurate result takes much less time and ressources.

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