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Support rate for Kan's cabinet falls after Senkaku incident


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Rating is hardly of any significance, Tomorrow's headline may be "Kan's Cabinet Falls."

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Oopsie. Well, here it is, October. If I am going to get my JT t-shirt, he has got to shed another 30 points or so and then bail out by Halloween. That was my prediction made at the time he replaced Hosokawa.

It is really coming down to the wire.

I have to say that I wish it did not have to happen like this. I had counted on Kan to stumble and bumble his way out of office on something trivial, not on playing Don Quixote with the Chinese, which always seems to be a worthy if futile gesture.

Hang in there Kan. At least for another three weeks. Then let someone in who wants to really do something about the economy.

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So long as Japan chooses people who are not good at politics to be its politicians than we'll continue to see support rates fall and the governments fail. If it wasn't about this it would be something else.

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What did newspapers talk about before polls? These days it seems all they ever talk about are polls where the media reports on what people think about things reported in the media.

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"If it wasn't about this it would be something else."

Koizumi is beginning to look like a demigod. One wonders how he did it, but I suspect it was a mini-boom economically that cheered everyone a little and distracted them.

The Romans used bread and circuses, and war which allowed them to do both when times were good.

Japan has to spend the money. That is all there is to it. Nothing is ever going to happen with everyone moping around like this. If Japan can build something slightly more productive than a pyramid, everything will work out fine.

How about Kan gives a huge bunch of money to NHK to make a whole new channel that is entirely amateur/reality/Wayne's World kind of stuff. Could it be worse than what we have now? There is your circus.

Or pay for all school lunches for a year while subsidizing farmers to try and reach food self sufficiency while renewing old farmlands and forests. There is your bread.

It would at the very least get people moving and thinking about possibilities again.

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"These days it seems all they ever talk about are polls where "

It is called the "deer in the headlights" syndrome. Kan has got to shake this off and do something, anything, successful.... and then build on that. Every time he gets in front of a camera, he should remind people of all the great things the DPJ has done for them (?) and talk about a better tomorrow.

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Klein2 you mean Hatoyama not Hosokawa (about 20 years ago).

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isthistheend at 10:01 PM JST - 4th October Klein2 you mean Hatoyama not Hosokawa (about 20 years ago).

Thanks for that. I had no idea what he was talking about.

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This is not PM Kan's blame. Like all other previous PM, they never achieved a united front with the defense and foreign affairs ministries, because the bureaucrats in these ministries steadfastly believe that no changes should be made. There has been talk of a transition from a bureaucracy led government to political leadership. But there are two ministries where political leadership is not operational: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. This is not because the political executives in these ministries are weak. It is because there is an unbudgeable determination, like a thick layer of bedrock, among the key bureaucrats in these ministries. Japan govenment will not change.

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