Suu Kyi: No blame in Rakhine violence without clear evidence


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One more Peace Prize winner in favor of slaughter.

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Both sides can be blamed. It's just that, I think the Buddhist conservatives here have the upper hand since they're politically strong in Myanmar. And when I hear the upper hand, I mean the power to instigate and do more harm.

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I am surprised

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See what 20 odd years of house detention causes. Complete and utter blindness and acute hypocrisy.

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Myanmar didn't have Muslims before. These are all Bangladeshi refugees who entered illegally and now causing trouble in the region. The local Buddhist people were tolerant initially, but since the muslims started raping the local and marrying the victims, converting them forcefully to Islam, things started to get out of hand. If the Muslims could stay respectfully with other religion, there would be no problem. But unfortunately, Islam doesn't respect other religion.

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Roughneck: Did you know that Bangas and and parts of Burma were name Pakistan when India was a British Colony up until the end of ww2. India and Pakistan were cut in two, Islam west and Islam east and India in the middle. Burma gain land when east Pakistan broke up. This land is were the Rakhine were come from and taken over by the British back Burma Government. Then Burma had a Military overthrow in the late 50,s. Burma was the second last part of British control Asia. the last being Hong kong.

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John-San: Have you ever wondered how the "Kingdom of Arakan" started to have Muslims in the 1st place? They started to come in during British Era, and continued to grow and now they want to rule. Same strategy in all other countries.

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John-san or Ali-san or whatever your name may be, I was researching about Burma and there's no evidence of British Colony had named part of current Rakhine state as Pakistan. The Pakistan name was used as East Pakistan for current Bangladesh and West Pakistan for current Pakistan just before British leave India to give Muslim state. Under British India, current Bangladesh and Pakistan were known as India. Chittagong Hill Tracks was Rakhine Kingdom territory, Manipur and current Naga Land were Burmese Kingdom territory and Assam was Burmese Kingdom's tributary state. Burmese King lost war with British and it changed everything in India and Burma. Chittagong Hill tract was direct rule by British Indian Governor. Colony British ruler had tried to divide Burma when British give Burma independent. British had asked Manipur ruler, Assam ruler and Lana (Chingmai) ruler for whether they want to stay under Burma or not. They said they don't want to stay under Burmese rule. However, the British didn't ask in Chittagong Hill Tracks because the British had already decided about the Buddhist Chittagong Hill Tracks to give new state when the British give independent because the East Pakistan was usable land was small and the British didn't want to take land from Hindu India. British thought Buddhist will be better coexist with Muslim than Hindu. The Chiitagong Hill tracks were celebrated and flying Burmese flag because they think they are independent because they were Burmese. The natives of Chittagong are Burmese ethnics. Marma (Myanmar), Chakma and other tribes are ethnics of Burma and their writing language is Burmese writing language and speaking language can be connected. I read about Burmese Government has given land and home to families who were fled their villages in Chittagong Hill Tracks because Bengalis settlers and Bangladesh army have lifting fired their home and robbed their lands. Burmese Government is recognized native peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracks as their own peoples and look after them. Muslim was imported by Colony British Government. Rakhine Kings had Muslim eunuch slaves in their palace. Also Arab Muslims from Arab merchant ship wreck were allowed to settle in Rakhine King in 17 century. Now their descendents were called as Kaman Muslim ethnic in Rakhine state.

The most of Rohingya or Bengali peoples in Rakhine state were refugees of East Pakistan and West Pakistan war who fled from Bangladesh into Rakhine staste in 1970. Hindu East Pakistanis were brought back to India Government but Muslims were left behind in Rakhine state. The Muslims didn’t go back to Bangladesh when Bangladesh declared independent. Bangladeshi Government didn’t recognize as its citizen who didn’t come back. So Muslims in Rakhine state were stateless. Burmese Government took no action against Muslim refugees in Rakhine state and let them stay. However, former dictator Ne Win Government noticed about the high numbers of Bangladeshi Muslims illegally entered into Rakhine state and illegally settled in Rakhine State were dramatically increased in after civil war end in Bangladesh and then Ne Win established Operation Dragon King to fight against illegal Bengali migrants in Rakhine state. However, the UN, West and Islamic world see it as negative and blamed Burmese Government for refugee problem in Bangladesh – Burma border. I believe it was because of Burmese Government’s poor PR strategy and dictatorship rule in Burma. Burmese Government was unfairly accused oppressing so called Rohingya. There was no history record of Rohingya ethnic in Colony British Burma archive. Rohingya ethnic was in fact former Bengali refugees and illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh. The international community and Governments are ignored fact and take pressure from OIC (Organization of Islamic Country). Once the former Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Rohingyas are in fact Bengalis from Bangladesh to press.

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