Taiwan eases nuclear-accident food import ban from Japan


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If a Korean Olympic athlete can eat food from Fukushima, anyone can.

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NumanToday  06:56 pm JST

Japan is taking advantage of Taiwan 

Wrong, It's Taiwan's sole decision. As it has been till now.

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Taiwanese consumers can still refuse to buy imported food products.

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Just me but I am more inclined to eat foods grown in Fukushima than eat Fugu.

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They will have to reimpose it again after the release of the radioactive water...

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Poor people having to eat these imports.

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Makes ya think how much of that food has been sold here in Japan since 2011, that we don’t know about and how safe is it now?

Tawain is desperate for trade and if the safety regulations are followed properly here in Japan then it should be a good deal for them.

I wonder if the prices for those products will be reduced?

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how about new business chance and new campaign with slogan "go to drink Fukushima water"?

since is safe according to TEPCO and japanese politicians and will cause no harm whatsoever?

tasty and healthy water goes well with tasty /maybe still/radioactive food from Fukushima,nice pairing...go Taiwan go and get your great chance now!/irony off/

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They can have it if they want. I personally avoid the stuff.

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Living in Japan and I still don't eat food from Fukushima.

People in Taiwan, don't buy it

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boost Taipei's chances of joining the trade pact and help the island "go global and stand in the world, creating more opportunities and prosperity".

Eating contaminated food still acceptable compared being left behind from one of current big trade pact.

Wish them luck, otherwise they need to eat those contaminated food for nothing.

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Japan is taking advantage of Taiwan with tensions high against them and China. Lessons in morality from Nihon.

-11 ( +6 / -17 )

@Cigars N Coffee

Makes ya think how much of that food has been sold here in Japan since 2011, that we don’t know about and how safe is it now?

Fukushima food is labeled as "Japan Domestic Origin"(国内産) on packaging at supermarkets.

Of course Japanese consumers shun anything not labeled with clear prefecture name because 国内産 simply means Fukushima.

Instead, most of 国内産 is consumed at Japan's bento producers and restaurants, since consumers never get to see the origin labeling. SDF also consumes a large portion of 国内産.

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I know Taiwan is desperate for allies, but trading public health safety for some warm words of support isn't it.

WTO ruled that countries can ban Fukushima and surrounding prefecture food indefinitely.

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