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LDP policy chief Hagiuda visits Taiwan


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So the real reason Hagiuda who is in knee deep with the Moonies is to popularize the king Moony, Abe's book? On tax payer's dime?

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The friendship between Japan and Taiwan has deepened in recent years. However, there’s one obstacle—Taiwan has been claiming sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands since 1970, a year earlier than PRC started claiming in 1971.

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Good to see!

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"Taiwan is an extremely important partner and a valued friend of Japan, with whom Japan shares fundamental values such as liberal democracy, basic human rights, and the rule of law, as well as close economic relations and personal exchanges,"

translates to

"pretty please teach us how to make the chips"

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One of LDP politician who repeat falsehood about relation with Unification Church despite win the election by support of Unification Church.

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China will get petulant and give another lecture.

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It is certainly good to celebrate Lee Teng-hui's contribution to the development of Taiwan democracy. Let's also not forget that he served as a second lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army.

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Tsai and the DPP will be voted out in 2024 based on the midterm elections that recently took place. The DPP like the LDP and Kishida are getting kickbacks for US defense contracts. The difference is the Taiwanese have caught on.

They understandably want peaceful relations across the straights with China and opted for KMT candidates.

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A Taiwanese emergency is a Japanese emergency.

Japan made it stance very clear to the world, and to CCP China. No such statements from South Korea. Not a Korean Peninsula Issue.

Japan also joined Quad Alliance to balance China. South Korea did not join. Doesn't have plans to join!

South Korea made the 3 famous promises to Beijing, one of them is no alliance with Japan and USA against China if conflict ever starts.

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Chinese province of Taiwan having good relations with Japan, good!!..

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Good international relations with neighboring countries is important, so it is nice to see two nations working well together for peace and prosperity. A good example for others on how to work in unison for the same goals.

If only China could follow its tiny neighbors lead on good relations with Japan and others.

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Tsia Wen's and her party the DPP will probably be voted out of power in the next election based on the results of the mid-terms in which they lost badly. The other main party in Taiwan is China friendly.

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If only Japan would do the same and show good relations with China instead of bowing to the rogue state of the USA.

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LDP policy chief visits Taiwan:

Wonder if Tsai really understands what she is talking/doing.

She looks clueless & fragile, unwittingly looking for moral/physical support from US & Japan.

Do majority of Taiwanese still want to rely on her weak leadership?

If not, do something..

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I would hope to not look at Abe’s face knowing that he has deceived and damaged the people and reputation of Japan.

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I wanna go there but I’m not vaccinated.

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If only Japan would do the same and show good relations with China instead of bowing to the rogue state of the USA.

If the Chinese people could overthrow the rogue CCP and free their people, Japan would then be delighted to have good relations with a free and democratic China, as would the wider world. The USA thankfully enhances the defense of many nations and protects and supports freedom around the globe where ever it can. China is self centered and corrupt thanks to the CCP.

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