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Taiwan president backs protesters in disputed islands


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I want to praise KMT leader Ma Ying-Jeou, he was a very good 'operative in Taiwan'!Like Lee Myun-Bak,Mr Ma has concealed his true intentions for decades and striking japan in the most critical moment, he has done his duty well!

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Someone said this in yahoo, it is kind of hilarious "We need to be very careful..This could escalate into a pillow fight!"

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Ma is just another Communist Chinese proxy. His duty is to bark along with his boss Communist Chinese. Who care? Taiwan is not a Country any way. You can't wake up and check every time Poodle barking. He may wants fish too. His step Papa said Senkaku is Japanese.

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Or maybe you know, Taiwan has a legitimate claim which Japan is not willing to consider.

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All this "I'm right and everybody else is wrong" attitude in East Asia is not helping anyone. Maybe they should have a talk already?

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The current President of the Republic of China is trying to surrender to the Peoples Republic of China. So when will he surrender his country to the communists?

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