Taiwan thanks Japanese lawmakers for supporting bid to join WHO assembly


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The world stands with you Taiwan against any and all aggressions!

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Not bad. Finally show some balls. But I am betting that in a few days retalliation will come from China. Probably some boycotts of japanese products. Is either that or they will send their fishing fleet near the Senkaku islands again. I hope these politicians know what they are doing. This kind of move usually should have been done by the US.

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Of all the countries in the world, Taiwan is one I look forward to visiting when covid is over.

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The right-wing DPP party has botched the coronavirus response. Is that the experience they are so desperate to share with the WHO?

The DPP has refused to allow WHO approved vaccines from mainland China to be used in Taiwan. Tens of thousands of Taiwanese have gone to the mainland anyway to get vaccinated.

The DPP does not speak for all the people of Taiwan. Nor do the old warmongers speak for the world.

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@mat Taiwan is also on my list. Old people speak Japanese and young people English. Food is amazing and cheap. But people are same as Chinese mainland, so you should also go to Shanghai and Guilin.

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It was the fifth straight year for Tsai's Democratic Progressive Party-led government not to receive an invitation to attend the annual gathering due to mainland China's opposition.

China politicizing the global effort to combat the pandemic which they created.

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