Taiwan warns Japan against nationalizing islands


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My oh my they are showing their true colors at last. Do not come crying to Nippon next time the Red Chinese make threats against your non nation.

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Republic of China and/or People's Repulic of China are both Chinese, just like Senkaku or Diaoyu is Chinese, same base same seabed. True colours for true owners: both flags are red in background. Thank you for pointing out all the obvious. Lee teng-hui was a traitor. Mr Ma is a true Nationalist.

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Oh please let there be a war, please!

Read that in a Stewie accent.

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Taiwan has become a mouthpiece for China.

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Diaoyutai's only 200km to Taiwanese military airport, it takes only 5 min for our jets/ paratroopers to control the place. However Japen can compete against us by using an aircraft carrier if the US help Japen. So we'll do it after the US change its stance over these islets. BTW, we never cry to others for outside threat, however on the contrary Japen better hold the US' legs more tightly for it's outside threat from Russia/ China/ N, SK... lol~

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These islands are 200 Km from there, 2000km from Tokyo I think they are concerned about a historically expansionist nation getting snugly so close. If China took possession of an island 200km from Tokyo what would be the reaction?

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@Cricky....the distance to Tokyo doesn't matter. The islands until quite recently (relatively speaking in relation to the number of years Japan and China have been country's) were indisputably under the control of Japan.

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Takes longer than 5 minutes to fly 200k, you would need transports to fly the troops. You do understand it is not much further to a Japanese military airport. The F-15's will get there before the C-130's and it is harder than you might think to make an air drop. So the troop transports would be meet by the SDF and possibly the Americans as well. I had always thought of Taiwan as our friends.

Cricky, there is more to Japan than Tokyo!

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Yuri: Anyhow, you can't rob your friend and still want him to treat you nice!

Militarywise, to land troops there is not a problem, the problem is supply, and for supply, distance speaks loudest! I've said that without the US to help JP, we can easily take and hold it! Do u still doubt about troops landing? I give some ways : 1. helicopters from Navy ships; 2. speeding power-boats from Navy ships; 3. hydroplanes... etc.

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Yubaru I think you have some timing issues...China has been there way before Japan even existed

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share them

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Mother nature, sink them islands already!

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" These islands are 200 Km from there, 2000km from Tokyo I "

.... and how far from Peking? And how far from Okinawa? Anybody can pick numbers that look favourable to them.

Anyway, it is pretty ironic that a leader of a nation here picks a fight with a nation that has no designs on his country, while siding with an aggressive superpower that says his country actually belongs to them... crazy!

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Do not come crying to Nippon next time the Red Chinese make threats against your non nation.

Give it a rest. If you remember, Taiwan was the most generous donor to Japan in her time of crisis last year. It is a friend. You may not know this however as I believe you are on the other side of the world from here, far removed from Japan.

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The PRC has more agents in taiwan than CIA operatives in the whole world combined! So please sell more F-16, Patriotic, apache..weapons to Taiwan, that will be China's most grateful!

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The nationalist party (KMT) hatred the Japanese far more than the CCP and they regard their lost of mainland China was the faults of japanese invasion in 1937 so dont be surprised with KMT chief Ma Ying-jeou's high profile approach!

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By the way, CHINA has everything to LOSE and NOTHING to gain from messing with Japan, with South Korea, with VietNam, etc..if China keeps messing and trying to bully its smaller Asian neighbors, like for thousands of years trying to invade VietNam, just along the Vietnamese have never allowed the Chinese to control them, the Filipinos etc...they know how to kill etc..and just like France, the USA in Vietnam, the Chinese will get high on their own economic power and start to actually believe all of the propaganda BS that Beijing is feeding its people, keep on messing with the rest of Asia, and see how many Asian countries, like say Vietnam, will turn around and say, Oh MR. OBAMA, we would like for you all to make a few nice modern US BASES in Vietnam, you know, just to let the Chinese that they are not welcome in Hanoi nor Ho Chi Minh City, and this would be just for starters, Subic bay etc..in PI, I am sure if the good Filipinos feel too much heat from Beijing, they will turn around and ask for better, newer American bases in their islands.

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Lmao at arm general Otani..........one minute you are anti US, the next pro US if it is in okinawa or japan's benefit.....LMAO. seriously why should the US put lives on the line, if Japan is starting trouble or fanning the flames....what you fail to realize is, the fact that thousands of your own people would die, if there is any type of prolonged military op, and the US might not get involved...or do you even care about this from you chair in the US?

I agree with Taiwan, develope the area mutally, reap the benefits, and not worry about spilling blood.

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Taiwan or Republic of China was part of the Allies force which defeated Japan. It was also founding member of United nation security council back then. The confusion for me was why not ROC claimed that Islands after war or 1972. If that claim was made back the it will be easier to resolve diplomatically. Now tension is so high for finding any compromise.

In my view, Taiwan likes rocky mountain which survived storm, earthquake and tsunami. The new generation will fix the century old problem that old generation was too lazy or incompetent to fix it. Geogrphically that Islands are more Taiwan than any one else. There is a national pride from Taiwan not to be bullied by anyone else. Hope there will be peaceful settlement.

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Ma called on the East China Sea chain’s three claimants - Taiwan, China and Japan - to put aside their disputes and hold dialogues to jointly develop the rich resources there. He suggested bilateral or trilateral talks “to resolve the issue in a peaceful way.”

My respect for President Ma has increased greatly; he seems to be the only one of the leaders actually willing to bypass all of the "national sovereignty and integrity" bullshit and say what this dispute is really about: fish and minerals. It's really an eminently sensible suggestion, but since when has Japan been receptive to those?

I also really love General Otani upthread. One minute she hates the US, the next she loves them and is utterly convinced that President Obama is going to send the US Navy to war over a couple of rocks in the East China Sea. All this posturing, the nose-thumbing, the sabre-rattling will eventually lead to a confrontation, the results of which will be pretty undignified, messy, and will probably get a few people killed.

Then we'll get Japan's customary whining about how it's not fair and they started it and they're bullies and America should come and tell them off and let just us play with the toys.

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Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia - and a demo to come against the US Osprey in Okinawa.

What next? Canada?

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Let's go Diaoyu in Senkaku, ensemble! La vie est belle, when we have fish and energy, life is beautiful, who need to fight? Du calme, tout le monde :)

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Yubaru I think you have some timing issues...China has been there way before Japan even existed.

These islands are 200 Km from there, 2000km from Tokyo I "

But these things do not make Senkaku as China according to the international law.

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I think Pres Ma and any Taiwanese pressing this issue is putting the cart before the horse. If Taiwan wants to "defend it's sovereign rights" then the first thing they need to do is to "declare sovreignty". This is vital not just for the Senkaku issue but with ragard to the dsputes taiwan has with other Asian countries, Honestly, Taiwan's claim(s) really can't be taken seriously as long as China (PRC) continues to claim Taiwan as it;s own property. Because of the relationship Taiwan has with Japan, if Taiwan were actually "Sovereign" the concepts of sharing resources with Japan is far more realistic than with China, since Asian nations do not see Taiwan as being on a land-grab like China.

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Taiwan is full of crap, they are only free thanks to the US Navy! Otherwise they would be slave Beijing!

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According that article, two islands belong to disputed chain were under Taiwan military base control. It has been many decades now. Therefore I think Taiwan is more serious and committed than PRC or Japan or Phillipines or Vietnam authority. Those claming nations complain and threaten diplomatically. However no nation has sent their air craft carrier so far yet. Even Seven Fleet navigation has changed some angle since Taiwan navy based on that islands. We can called as 8 degree of separation.

Therefore I conclude that 23 millions people from peanut size Island have more gut and determination than giant neigbours. They did not make so much noise or confrontation! Their action was crystal clear like snow cap mountain or sand stone built castle. I do not think Mr Ma was making jokes!

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I do not think Pres Ma is making jokes, and I do not question Taiwan's "guts or determination". I am speaking of Taiwan's legal position in these disputes, as compared to the other dispute claimants, all of whom have no concerns about their legitimate "sovereignty". And I am not sure just exactly what snow capped mountains or sandstone built castles have to do with this issue, although I admit they make for pleasant imagery.

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There's so much political difficulties back to 50-70's for Taiwan, it's also the same for the US and others (for wars with commie like Vietnam war... etc.). For the purpose to stop Commie so the US temporarily left Diaoyu under JP so he can control it. Taiwanese understand it all the time so we propose peaceful plan today. Anyway it's also understandable some people object it now (greed, vanity..). We've been already waiting for 5 decades, we don't mind to wait for some more time for a good timing to take it back. BTW, for Elbuda Mexicano: your decorous mention about Taiwan only shows you must come from a polite country, thanks.

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So let me get this straight - is Ma claiming these islands for PRC, or the Republic of China, which ceased to exist in substance in 1950, and which Japan abandoned recognition of 40 years ago this year in 1972?

Given that Ma is KMT, my presumption is that he is claiming the Senkakus for greater China, in which case he should leave the stunts to his bosses in Beijing that dictate to him what he does.

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Honestly, Taiwan's claim(s) really can't be taken seriously as long as China (PRC) continues to claim Taiwan as it;s own property.

It was I refered from your previous post. Whether Taiwan claim can be taken serious or not, their arm forces have already stationed in small islets of disputed chain Islands. Their action was louder than noise. Before that dipute was heated by media, Taiwan has occupied that Two Islets for many decades. In the reality, argument will not solve any problems. Compromise can be! If all claiming share the natural resources, there will be win win for all.

PRC claims Taiwan as part of their territory according history. It has been since 1949. Taiwan ruling part KMT(current authority) also accepted China claim is right. One reason for PRC reluntance was they do not want to shed the blood of Chinese. It is also true that they concern about technology superitory of US. According the history, they went to Korea war with knives and shovels without sufficient weapons.

And I am not sure just exactly what snow capped mountains or sandstone built castles have to do with this issue, although I admit they make for pleasant imagery.

Mount Fuji is snow capped mountain. As you said it will supply you as pleasant imagery. However it is an extinct volcano. When the internal pressure under mountain of out of control, it will become violent and merciless. According the history, it was not always adorable .

I understand that small nation with little population with no soverign status will earn little respect. However that under dog status can be erupted and exploded like re-active mount funji. Ancient castles have survived many thousand years and they were toucher and stronger than morden re-inforced concrete building. What I mentioned was small can be not respectable. However small chily was often the hottest among Chillies.

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