Taiwan's ex-president Lee to visit Japan


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"Lee has visited Japan five times since he retired as president in 2000. Each trip triggered protests from China’s communist government, which saw them as attempts to strengthen Taiwan’s international status."

I wonder if China complained when he visited the Yasukuni Shrine in 2007.

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Taiwan will never be a part of China. Not in the past, present, or future. People forget that it was the Communist to tried to kill the Nationalists off and they escaped to the island with Japan's help. That is a part of history that China is trying to revise.

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Heard Lee is actually a Japanese born in Taiwan. He has extended family in Japan. Taiwan's official name is Republic of China. Make no mistake for those who think it is not China. They pay homage to Dr Sun Yat San, the national father. It seems some of you are grossly misinformed about the real east asian history.

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In a May 2007 trip to Japan, Lee visited the Yasukuni Shrine to pay tribute to his older brother.

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A 91-year-old - whose own doctors have advised not to travel - wants to fly to Japan? Good luck, old fella! LOL!

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He received PhD from Cornell Univ. He also graduated Kyoto Imperial Univ. He may be politician but He is more scholastic.

Lee speaks Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Hokkien, English and Japanese. Lee speaks Japanese fluently

Nothing LOL in him traveling to Japan. He helped Japan after WW II. Tokyo was destroyed by daily firebombings. He knew more about Japan than a majority of Japanese and so GHQ had to get his help in many fields it had difficulty.

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@decibel Way to play the Japanese-hate card. Also one of Dr. Sun's principles was Democracy. How's the PRC coming along with that? Maybe the PRC should join with Taiwan as a democracy.

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Taiwan will never be a part of China. Not in the past, present, or future.

Not in the past???? What school did you go to? Oh by the way, ever wonder why Taiwan is also known as the ROC?

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Theoretically any one who is 70 years or older that were born on the Island of Taiwan and the Korean peninsula were all Japanese since they were Japanese colonies at the time.

Have any problem with that?

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What if Lee is there to talk about the Senkaku islands on behalf of Taiwan - would the Chinese still complain?

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SamuraiBlue is right. Anyone born in Taiwan and Korea before Japan surrendered, they were registered as Japanese.

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Japan annexed Taiwan for 50 years, 1895-1945. Occupation in place for almost 30 years before Lee was born.


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This is home coming for Mr Lee. But Taiwan people don't like him. So it's quite pointless.

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Good for him.

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