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Taliban ask Japan envoy to reopen embassy in Afghanistan


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Taliban killed Kazuya Ito in 2008 and disavows killing Tetsu Nakamura in 2019. Taliban and Taliban-controlled areas aren't safe for Japanese.

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Too dangerous.

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By all means, open the embassy, and then reciprocate.

Initiate cultural exchanges so that both countries can learn from each other and enrich their respective cultures.

A Japanese branch of the Taliban would send a message to the world that Japan is the new center of progressive fundamentalism.

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In the case of Iran it was oil, so Japan let in a lot of Iranians into Japan.

In the case of Afghanistan it’s rare earth metals so Japan will let in a lot of Afghanis

Japan knows when there is an advantage in doing something…

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After reading all the comments; and having been in AfghanLand for a year, as a Non-Combatitant, I would have to agree: DON'T do it...."Just Say No". :|

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the rights of "all Afghans including women and ethnic minorities"

Ha! In what world does this guy live in? This is the Taliban. For them, women are nothing but a thing to pop babies.

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Alex, no just lots of people expressing the common sense view where dealing with a terrorist organisation that has seized a country and is busy inflicting their primitive dark age religious fanaticism on the population is concerned.

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Nice, don’t do it!

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You guys are crazy. Let's not do it.

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Nice, do it.

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I don't see why not. There is nothing wrong to open the embassy again and continue corporations. Japan never got involve in the fighting. This was US and NATO mess anyway. And the fact is there was never any danger to any Japanese citizens. Because the taliban would not dare to worsen relationship with Japan when it now need allies the most to keep their country going. In fact Japan has so many embassy in other dangerous countries.

Let's be honest. Taliban are to stay in Afghanistan. This is their own internal affairs. Refusing to talk to them is not gonna do anyone any good except makes the citizens there suffer more. Is not like the US is going to return to aid them anyway. Might as well just accept the truth and resume operations. Both sides knows there is no conflict between each other and there can only be benefits instead. Only problem is that Japan cannot do it too openly without being called out by US for not standing with it's allies.

The US might be willing to make enemies out of the whole middle east now ( because it no longer need oil from there as much since they started their own domestic productions), but Japan should stay neutral from all of this. The middle east has been figting each other for thousands of years because of countless reasons. It's not our business to decide who is right or wrong. All this meddling is other countries affairs is what started this whole mess anyway.

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And they think Japanese are a push over.

What could have given them that idea?

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I guess they can’t threaten to kill people at the embassy if there’s no embassy to begin with huh?

Let’s open one! A very good idea indeed, right?

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Okada also sought that the Taliban respect the rights of "all Afghans including women and ethnic minorities" and build an "inclusive political system," 

Well,coming this from Japan and from an LDP politican doesn’t really sound good.

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Wow, so many foreign affairs specialists here.

-12 ( +5 / -17 )

Ask them to hand over the murders of Dr Nakamura and his assistants first.

That should be a reasonable request after all.


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They highly probably get our ransom money anyway, but that doesn’t mean they in addition also deserve to gain any international reputation by re-openings of foreign embassies.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

Just say no. They want Japanese money. And they think Japanese are a push over.

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Don't do it, they are just looking for aid you'll only be providing them with potential hostages to be taken if there is ever any kind of confrontation between Japan and the Taliban. Get all Japanese nationals out of there now and then leave the Taliban to their own devices.

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