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Tensions over history, North keep Japan, South Korea at odds


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Some people will just never get along and forgive and forget.

Whoopsy I think I've just perfectly described my marriage..

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Well, when you keep bringing it up every chance you get, what do you expect is going to happen?

Say sorry.


That’s not really sorry.

Okay. I’m sorry.

You’re not really sorry.

Okay. I’m really sorry.

You don’t mean it.

I do.

You never said sorry.

I did.

Okay say it again.


ad nauseam

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showchinmonoToday  07:23 pm JST

Hope this thread wouldn't be disabled before I read the news and all the comments.

How come you folks could possibly keep sticking all day every day? Amazing.

Thanks so much for shutting down comments section a minute after I post this.

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It seems to me S Korea would go bankrupt first if it is waiting years for the result of WTO if it took the case up there. Last time WTO 2nd judgement took 6 years. Moon would have to do something else better besides WTO. It seems a matter of time.

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If S. Korea never suffers any consequences by being bad towards Japan, going back on agreements, lying to Japanese on many occasions, including radar lock-on, comfort woman, Takeshima Island, force labor.

No matter what S. Korea does==no consequences from the Japan government.

Why would they change if it works so well to keep Japan down, to profit from the historical issues, to pick on Japan and bully them whenever Koreans need an uplift in their weak spirit and victim mentality.

China who suffered 10x worse, the real victim is moving on and this little S. Korea half a county wants to sit there and forever cry Japan.

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I wanna know if there are any criteria or threshold for disabling comments. When it comes to Japan vs Korea disputes, pro/anti comments are most always expected so why not just disabling comments when published?

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That's China. Korea has been their slave for 300 years. So Korea begged Japan to release them. You should shame your ignorance. Idiot.

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Japan’s Restrictions on South Korean Chip Makers Backfire

Samsung and SK Hynix watch their share prices rise, along with chip prices

SEOUL—Japan’s trade jab at South Korea’s chip makers was meant to be painful, but a week in, it appears to have given a momentary victory to the core targets: Samsung Electronics Co. and SK Hynix Inc.

The pair, which account for roughly 60% of the global memory-chip market, have seen their share prices increase, while chip prices are rising, too.

Bu bu bu Abe san said he delivered a fatal blow to Korea's semiconductor industry.

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@Samit Basu , You're rejoicing it seems.

So when Samsung and co deplete all their chip maker supplies, when and where will they get the new ones from?

Koreans always thinking in the short term.

The Japanese are very patient. You don’t know when and where they will strike next. Petroleum and related materials? Machinery parts? Use of Japanese patents?

keep laughing and good luck.

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@samit basu

while chip prices are rising, too.

Of course the chip prices are rising, they're quickly going to become a rare commodity. I learned about supply and demand way back in my high school economics class. Like Hachidori said, in this case it's not a good thing in the long run, but keep rejoicing.

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'Japanese have been seeking to put their wartime legacy behind them.'

As they should. It's been 70 years and Japan has shown that they are a different nation.

'That is especially true of Abe and his ultra-conservative backers in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, who have been for years trying to whitewash Japan's embarrassing wartime past and are now busy campaigning for a July 21 election for the Upper House of Parliament.'

And biased statements like this from the media don't help the situation. You have to wonder how the Korean people would really feel about the current situation if their government and the media weren't constantly shoving the message that Japan is still evil down their throats.

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when and where will they get the new ones from?

EUV Photoresist : Tokyo Okha Kogyo which was the primary supplier of EUV photoresist in Korea confirmed it would keep supplying from its factory in Korea. Other Photoresist are not on export control.

Fluorinated Polyamides : The only use for this was the Galaxy Fold. Sumitomo which supplied this confirm the exact chemical formula of the item supplied to Samsung is different from what the government put on the export control and can be supplied unrestricted.

Hydrogen Fluoride : Japan had only 40% of the imported HF product share in Korea, on top of locally produced ones. Surprisingly, this came out to be the choke point because it couldn't be stored in long term and must be delivered in JIT fashion. Russia is offering to replace Japan on HF supply.
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@Samit Basu

If what you said is true then S.Korea doesn’t need Japan and won’t suffer from their removal from the whitelist.

So what all the fuss Moon and his government are making about?

Why involve the USA and WTO if there’s no negative impacts to the Korean economy?

Unless your people are releasing fluff pieces to the media to save face.

Good luck; it’s only the beginning.

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Somebody should let Moon know that a random guy on an online news site has it all figured out and he's got nothing to worry about.

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If what you said is true then S.Korea doesn’t need Japan and won’t suffer from their removal from the whitelist.

Indeed. This is why Samsung and SK Hynix's share prices are rising, but the shares of Korean domestic suppliers jumped 50~70% following Japan's export control announcement.

So what all the fuss Moon and his government are making about?

The very notion of Korea being an "unreliable" country is considered offensive in Korea and must be challenged to clear Korea's name.

Why involve the USA and WTO if there’s no negative impacts to the Korean economy?

Again, the very notion of Japan's "export control" being necessary due to Korea's supposed unreliability is offensive.

After all, it was the Japanese fluoride exported from Japan that went to North Korea, not from the ROK.

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