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Testing Beijing, Japan eyes growing role in South China Sea security

By Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo

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At this point Japan should fully arm themselves and have a full fledged military. China will not back down, it wants more than it has and intends to take it from everyone around them. The region should formally form an Alliance and bolster their respective militaries to match China's (together, they'll hopefully have more manpower and equipment). It's time for a strong, heavy hand to come crashing down on this ass of a country.

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Japan eyes growing role in security. Yes, lots of articles here on JT regarding this topic. But how will Abe & Nakatani sell it to their people? Too many Article 9 lovers!

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No it requires to be a natural land formation not man-made.

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No body would disbelieved China not winning in a peaceful respect without firing a bullet.

A properous and progressive environment is what the world expect and they know who are those that are creating chaos.

Asia is for the Asians, if Japan consider as one...testing Beijin?

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Chinese people just expect Japan open fire first.

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China will just stubbornly continue to insist that the world belongs to them and as the Han race they have the natural right to expand and invade, without realizing that the rest of the civilized world will be against them.

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Why waste years and years discussing something that is not going to happen, and (unfortunately) if it DOES happen it will last no more than few hours.

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Does creating a new island allow a country to expand it's sovereignty?

Yes, it does. Any shoal not submerged at high tide, whether inhabitable or not, can be claimed as territory, with all the prerogatives that implies. An example is Okinotorishima: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okinotorishima

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Japan can take on mainland China in the sea and air. They have a big army true but like the Germans trying to invade the UK in 1940 it will not happen.

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@liarsnfools The problem is no one trusts the Philippines and Vietnam to do good or even useful things with American or Japanese equipment. And with good cause IMO.

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That giant sucking sound is Japan doing the bidding of the American Pentagon. Give the Southeast Asians the tools to resist the Chinese. Do not go there with patrols and military.

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Does creating a new island allow a country to expand it's sovereignty?

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Good point OssanAmerica. I think the Gods love irony.

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Funny how things change in 70 years. Before Japan was the invader.Today the US backs Japan and the Southeast Asian nations welcome Japan. China is now the aggressor and cause of tensios. Yet China keeps harping on Japan's WWII actions.

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Beijing still wields the biggest stick in the South China Sea. China should exercise restraint in dealing with the other Spratlys claimants and take no action that would escalate tension.

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Japan should just push through and take a tougher stance against China, since China is intent on stepping and shoving its way against its neighbors. There is no dispute other than from China that the Ryukyu Islands are administered by Japan of which China is trying to separate the Senkuku's as independent islands that are officially part of the Ryuku chain of islets. Japan should just build a small base there specifically as a forward point against its enemies. The US has already attested that these islands are under administrative control by Japan.

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