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Thai PM assures Japan floods will never again disrupt business


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what a farce...the country know that flooding is inevitable for months but never did anything to contain the flooding and all countermeasures were simply patchworks. After the flooding, the country never did come up with a working solution to prevent the recurrence of flood.

Many Japanese companies were under the water for months and building newer factory is cheaper than having to repair all the sensitive equipments submerged under the flood.

Thailand kept dragging its feet. They now have to pay the price knowing that these companies are there for the cheap labor. Now, Japan companies are moving out to Philippines where they set up before they moved to Thailand.

But of course Philippines has a bigger problem...

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@mikihouse - No problem. If the Japanese are moving out, the Chinese are ready to move in.

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How does "Floods will never again disrupt business" compare with "Tsunami will never again disrupt business" or "Tepco declares nuclear accidents will never again disrupt business"?

I was in Thailand when the tsunami hit, but fortunately not in the area hit. Japanese left Thailand in droves and returned to the "safety" of Japan, one of the most earthquake and tsunami prone countries in the world.

We can protect against natural disasters, but can we protect 100% against the power of nature?

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Did she strike a special deal with Mother Nature or something? All she can do is reassure the Japanese government that actions will be taken more rapidly to recover from the damage done by such natural disasters.

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O really. So what is he promising next? No earthquakes anymore? What is his deal with the gods of nature?

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It would have to take a PM as good looking as that one to convince someone she can prevent an Act of God. It's a ludicrous notion that one can guarantee against such an event, but let's face it - we all enjoyed watching her tell it to us.

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Shades of King Canute holding back the tide. If she can't even run her country properly, how can she run the weather?

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Is she gonna stick her finger in the dyke? (That means flood barrier...)

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Has Yingluck consulted Mother Nature on this promise?

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it will never disrupt the business because the business has gone away

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She is so funny.. OK, let's believe her. She anyway has less than 2 years of her mandate in the office left...

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gee i wanna live there where everything is guaranteed.

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Give the Lady PM a chance, it is her first time in office and she is doing what best for the country. What would you have her say? she cannot do anything about the factories. I hope she will be successful in keeping those factories in Thailand, it is a beautiful place with beautiful people, I wish them the best.

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Thats a bold statement to say that a natural disaster such as flooding won't occur, especially when the ocean surface temperatures have risen, which has caused more flooding world wide. Any % increase in moisture in the atmosphere will cause more flooding as a storm rolls over the ocean collection all the extra moisture.

Which country hasn't been flooded in the last two years? USA Mississippi river, Pakistan, Australia, South Korea, China, Thailand, and so on

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I think some of the other posters hit the mark. If she has figured out how to control the weather and nature, I'm sure a number of other governments would really like to get in on that action. G'luck with that, and all.

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Mark BradleyMar. 09, 2012 - 04:19AM JST. Thats a bold statement to say that a natural disaster such as flooding won't occur, especially when the ocean surface temperatures have risen, which has caused more flooding world wide.

Of course, you can be 100 percent sure. This is politics. The point is Thai goverment is doing their best to assure foreign investors. To reduce the risk of death and building damage, there are proposed improvements include new and rebuilt levees, new setbacks and new flood walls. What business people want is some type of assurance that leaders of Thailand is doing all they can to protect their business investments. The current funds might be inadequate to protect the area’s growing business and population. However, Thai goverment is trying to take this matter seriously and prioritize increasing the funds to protect business from future floods.

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I guess they will employ the newly constructed invisible magic floodgates.

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