Thousands of farmers rally in Tokyo against TPP trade pact


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If we accept more liberalization (of trade in farm products), we will be badly damaged,

Yea, you greedy farmers who have been living of taxpayer's subsidies will be badly damaged, but the other 99 percent of Japanese will get much cheaper products.

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Make sure no U.S. beef goes to Japan.

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But the tens of thousands of aging farmers who make up the backbone of Japan’s countryside and form a powerful voting block

Wow, that's like 0.03% of all Japanese. A real power concentration right there. Granted, I didn't count brainwash victims, anime music playing facists who will rally against anything non-Japanese regardless of reason, or their family members who will be coerced to vote differently that what they believe themselves.

Government subsidies today, foreign food aid packages tomorrow. Japan should choose capitalism instead, before we have two North Koreas in Asia.

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Let's not listen to the 1% here. Majority of Japanese farmers are old, can't compete against pretty much anyone else unless they are protected by the government.

Somehow Japanese government always trys to protect the weak industries that have very little growth opportunity and make it tougher for others by raising corporate taxes.

Now is a chance to fix it.

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Once again a group of vocal oldies with self vested interests are going to stop progress...TIJ If Japanese rice and other produce is sooo superior to the imported ones as they have long claimed than they have nothing to fear from imports right? Let the consumers decide - wanna buy higher priced "superior" local products? No problem ,go ahead. But let those who want to buy cheaper products so that their "hakken " wages can stretch a little bit further do just that. But since TIJ with its gutless politicians, I can imagine that in the end Japan will be left out of the TPP to the detriment of majority of its population and for the benefit of a few retirement age farmers. With all the other problems caused by its inflexibilty, corruption and inability to change its archaic ways it will slowly continue sliding down the scale all the while whining abuot how its being overtaken by South Korea et al.....

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Well said!

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Well said Hide.

I don't know if it related or not but I have noticed a heck of a lot more foreign import veggies here in the past few months. A heck of a lot cheaper and I know I've been buying them! Celery and broccoli from the US, carrots from OZ...

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I would very much like to buy cheap imported produce. Much lower price, less nuclear radiation contamination, and maybe less pesticide contamination. It is a win win win for consumers. I wonder how long the J-Gov can continue to protect their domestic farming.

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Trade liberalization is the wave of the future in Japan - and always will be.

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Yep Hide, True words there. Lose the loser mentality Japanese farmers.

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Wow, I agree with Hide Suzuki! These farmers need to learn from harsh experience that if they indeed are 'damaged' it's because they are unable to adapt and/or compete, and that the subsidies they've been living off are not a reflection of their work or the quality of products its reaped. Give people the choice in this, I say, or Japan will be left in the dust as the nations around it grow as a result. And I have no doubt these old codgers would be completely for the personal benefits of the TPP, but against any of the benefits for Japan -- Made in Japan rice more easily available in other nations at extremely high prices, but no foreign rice allowed in without being jacked up to equally ridiculous cost.

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If we accept more liberalization (of trade in farm products), we will be badly damaged

Fine, then stay out of the TPP...

No problem here. But you can't have it both ways, either you're in and accept ALL the SAME Conditions Just Like All the other countries are accepting, OR You're OUT..

You Decide, In or Out.

Either way, We Don't care.

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While it is bad that Japanese farmers will suffer because of this, I do think it is better for the majority of the Japanese populace.

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