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Tillerson differs with Trump on Japan, S Korea having nuclear capability


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Trump will enjoy us next four years.

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Trump will enjoy us next four years.

He is the right person for media to keep the world entertained !

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Tillerson said that China’s actions are “extremely worrisome” and the U.S. failure to respond “has allowed them to keep pushing the envelope.” He said the U.S. must make clear to China that access to the islands won’t be allowed.

Talk is cheap! Just what do you plan on doing besides talk? Go to war? Do so and you are an idiot. China is not going to listen to nor be bothered by rhetoric, and the US has few cards to play in getting China to stop what it's doing.

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Trump secretary of state nominee: China should be denied access to South China Sea islands | Reuters


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I actually agree with him on the SC Sea position, something needs to be done to contain China otherwise the Senkakus are next, and that will actually mean war

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Interesting to see how Rex and Don spar on all these issues..

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Tillerson is two-faced. How can he express concern about the growing threat of China and North Korea and at the same time deny two mature regional countries like South Korea and Japan the right to defend themselves by having a nuclear capability as a deterrent?

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With the Japanese being culturally vengeful and sometimes even spiteful, and with recent history showing what barbarity is possible when Japanese nationalism is stirred up - I cannot state strongly enough that Japan should most definitely not have access to nuclear weapons.

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JAPAN AND South Korea, surrounded by nuclear powers in the neighborhood , would be more safe if they have deterrent nuclear capability to safeguard their sovereign national interests.Donald Trump has rightly suggested them to acquire nuclear capability.

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.Donald Trump has rightly suggested them to acquire nuclear capability.

Right, and then how about Mexico? I mean being next to a nuclear power they should have them too! How about Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand...hell why not every country in the world, seeing as how the one's who already have them can turn the world to toast at any given time.

Trump is a blow hard, and will find out that governing the US is not some reality show. If he screws up, it's us that will get "fried" (fired).

I rightly suggest that any of Trump's suggestions regarding nuclear weapons but ignored. Japan has the capability to develop nuclear weapons RIGHT NOW if it wanted to, it has advanced rocket technology and everything it needs to create and build their own, BUT fortunately they always play the "we are the only one's" card every year in August.

Japan will not build a nuke, if it did, the world will find out what many already know.

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Trump's message is for the Chinese communist leaders in Beijiang. If you struck a deal with me, satisfy all my demands, I will let you guys overrun S.Korea and Japan without any problem. That was the true meaning of Trump's mind.

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So how will Trump handle this disagreement ?

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If you struck a deal with me, satisfy all my demands, I will let you guys overrun S.Korea and Japan without any problem. That was the true meaning of Trump's mind.

I think that is US establishment's mind not just Trump's.

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Trump's apocalyptic brinkmanship rhetoric is the best sounding thing we Baltans have heard from your fast failing planet in recent memory.

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I believed Japan should own Nuclear weapons to deter intimidating from China and Russia but not to attack on any country with Nuclear weapons. Nuclear Weapon can be used for Peace and deter any aggression from a hostile nation.

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