Tillerson traveling to Asia next week to discuss N Korea


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I think his itenary has gone wrong. He should goto Beijiang first, Tokyo,Seoul were irrelevant with this crisis, when big countries US,China,Russia has stuck the deal, fate were written for buffer zone countries. Like Yalta conference, the world future were deal by Rooselvelt, Churchill, Stalin. The Korean crisis should not be jepordized by buffer countries, they were very troubles indeed.

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America lost the war. Face it. Now we bully NK so they develop nuclear weapons. Now we want to destabilize the whole Asian area, just because we lost. How about peace?

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I think he is going to Tokyo first because NK will targer US base... Then S Korea because US military Joint Exercise effort has to scare NK. China. He has to assure US SK joint military exercise will scads NK.

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How about peace?

That's right, blame it on the US. Who's making the provocative actions and destabilizing the fragile peace in the region?...North Korea.

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Why talk about the 'nuclear threat'? The real danger that nobody ever seems to discuss is the DPRK's chemical and biological weapons program. Tons upon tons of antibiotic resistant anthrax & plague, sarin, ricin, botulinin, tabun, and VX nerve gas are already loaded in SCUD warheads pointed at every major population center and military installation in the ROK and Japanese archipelago. On top of that, agents have been deployed with caches of smallpox, Spanish influenza, and filovirus just waiting to release them on subways, in airports, and at shopping malls near your home. Your security and intelligence agencies have known about this for decades and have done nothing. What are you going to do to protect your families from this menace?

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He may talk about trade and economic cooperation than N Korea.

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