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Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike Image: Reuters file

Koike takes on Japan's old-boy network, but denies run for PM

By Linda Sieg and Ami Miyazaki

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"But politics is not theatrics."

Isn't it? I thought that was a major factor.

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an economy bigger than Holland's and a budget on par with Sweden's - but a quality of life on par with Equardor. Sorry Equardor thinking Somalia but that's too much. Something has to change if life in Tokyo is to come close to that of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland. The answers are there just need someone to lead. And that's not going to come from a panel of entitled 70 year old men. A change any change would be a boon.

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Wish you well in July  You took on the old, old-boy network and won.  The old boys are just keeping things in place and don't want any changes unless it benefit them.  Remember how quick the old boys in the Diet approved the Viagra and denied the women the equal access to birth control pills?  Need more women leaders in Japan.  Stick to your guns on the new fish market.

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she is for sure the most popular political figure in Japan today, however the J gov has a history of doing hugely unpopular things (sending SDF overseas, conspiracy law, etc)

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urged the Kasumigaseki Country Club, the golf venue in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to admit women as full members

I know Asia is male dominated and quite conservative, but this is just repugnantly foul.

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Ecuador just came to mind, quality of life, work life balance actually Ecuador has a happier population than Tokyo, my apologies to Ecuador. My point was with this huge income equal to some countries Tokyo lags way behind in providing services and lifestyle then nations that have less income!

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Please stay on topic. Other countries are not relevant to this discussion.

sending SDF overseas...

Those are actually one of few things LDP is doing right. The problem with LDP is, rather, backdoor politics of old boys. And that's where Koike shines, making political transparency as her most important priority, while maintaining a moderate conservative stance in both security and economy issues.

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If still popular, she could be anointed by the LDP to succeed Abe.

Yep. Let's do it.

Abe sucks.

Tax on pachinko.

Inspection for livelyhood protection. (people on welfare)

Withdrawal of consumption tax.

Make them stop using difficult terms in the Diet and let young people understand what's going on. (Seriously, being a native speaker of Japanese, I know politicians are really good at making problems blurry by doing this.)

Things to do are countless.

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Pity she won't run for PM.

Komeito is shifting their support to her.

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Koike is still an LDP member. Tomin First is basically another LDP chapter, led by Koike. All this talk about reform is just what Abe droned on about when he became leader for the second time. Those reforms were soon abandoned and nothing much changed.

Still, the people are obviously daft enough to fall for the same trick again. They will get what they deserve.

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After nearly a year in office, her support ratings are still above 60 percent, prompting defections from a struggling opposition Democratic Party and from the LDP.

This is key here. Whether she succeeds or fails will hinder on who she accepts into her party. Her biggest mistake would be to accept anyone attempting to deflect including some of the more conservative and hawkish people in the LDP. She needs to put forth a vision for her party and ensure that it is a progressive one.  If she doesn't she is doomed to fail. If she does she will succeed. 

I do hope that she runs though. I really hope she can turn the establishment upside down on their heads.

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Go Koike-san!!! Hope she kicks butt and takes names!

I believe she can put forth a good vision and it does not necessarily need to be "progressive" as we have in the west. What I would like to see is classical liberalism with a fiscally conservative bent.

To those that wish her to be more"progressive" - we may differ slightly on that but my guess is we share the desire for her to take power from the worn out, tiresome, "old guard" which is destroying Japan from within

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Koike as PM would be a double edged sword.

She'd waste no time "draining the swamp" but the garden she will plant above it is a matter of concern.

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How are the old boy are wishing Tokyo 2020 fails. When it going to be successful which all Olympic are due to the post games propaganda. Ms K will able to ride this success to form her own party, the Central Democrat. The left in Japan are disjointed and I could see a lot of right fraction switching and their would be Left fraction of the LDP want change will to switch also. That if Ms K is prepared to move during and after 2020.

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sending SDF overseas...Those are actually one of few things LDP is doing right. 

No you are very incorrect. Last survey I saw showed 76% of the population in Japan is against sending SDF overseas

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"Ms Koike has excellent communication skills," Hakubun Shimomura, head of the LDP's Tokyo chapter, told Reuters. "But politics is not theatrics."

Oh contare my dear Shimomura-san that is exactly what it is!

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I just love this woman, she take no nonsense from any one! and she's taking on the "old boy" network, well good luck. its the old boy net work that stifled the Japanese economy for years, its about time thing are changed, and this lady is going to change them. If she runs for PM I think that she will do a good job, but as normal there will be casualties on the way, and that will the "brown bag" companies might go out of business

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@Kazumichi There's no tax on pachinko??

I never knew she could speak Arabic and English. That's amazing. Good luck to her!

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Former governor Masuzoe spoke English and French fluently. Knowing a foreign language is not necessarily a measure of one's character.

Koike said in an interview that she chose Arabic studies in college specifically because it was a niche field, and would guarantee her a position as a media foreign correspondent.

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I wish (I think I do) I knew more about Japanese politics. Governor Koike seems to be tough, and I think that's what it takes in Japan. I do know that I always wish the very best for Japan. To me, life in Tokyo is very good!

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Koike is one of the "old boys." And Abe was supposed to be a "reform candidate." But we all know where that has went.

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