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Tokyo governor race begins with 56 candidates running


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Let's hear about Dr Nakamats.

The others are tedious.

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What was it? Something like 20 some candidates are from the Party to Protect the People from NHK (Japanese: NHKから国民を守る党, NHK kara kokumin o mamoru tō) and they only entered to get a space on the boards set up around Tokyo to put their posters up, but they have no intention up putting up a poster but sell the space to the highest bidder who then can advertise whatever they want.

According to the article;

With a record number of more than 50 candidates expected to run in the Tokyo gubernatorial election and the NHK Party fielding a huge slate, it will have a bevy of spaces to sell. 

But it appears that only 23 candidates are only expected. I wonder what happened?


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NHK Party selling candidate poster space in Tokyo election

Fascinating. According to the Asahi article …

Following the election regulations, the NHK Party has paid 3 million yen for each of the 19 candidates it officially endorses, totaling 57 million yen.

Despite the significant expenditure, the party expects to profit from the campaign, aiming to rake in 140 million yen if all poster spots are sold for 10,000 yen each.

The campaign has already received orders from potential buyers for about 900 locations, mainly in the bustling Chiyoda and Chuo wards, according to the party.

During the campaign period, there will be billboards displaying election posters installed in approximately 14,000 locations across the capital.

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Oh God, that weird hand shake again. Please don;'t

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The bouffons….

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54 more than have any chance of accomplishing anything other than ego gratification.

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Let's put all 50+ on a debate stage together

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Japanese major media especially TV shows begin to restrict coverage about candidates from beginning of official election campaigning.

Besides, news shows still escape from even mentioning about criminal complaint against Koike.

Therefore, most voters don't know un-democratic corrupted politics of present governor Koike yet.

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Wow... 56 candidates! I can just imagine the nightmare of the loudspeakers at intersections and election cars driving around screaming. While I am sure they won't tolerate ANY interference in their stump speeches or other political meetings, they sure as heck won't hesitate to interfere with our work and create a whole lot of noise.

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Lady Koike will win for sure..

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Lady Koike will win for sure..

I certainly don't have any problem with that.

Koike was elected governor with a pledge to halve the governor’s salary, and she continues to fulfill this promise even in her second term. As a result, Governor Koike’s salary is not only the lowest among all governors in Japan, but it is also less than the average salary of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members. Despite this, she is dedicated to her work, working so hard that it’s almost overwhelming.

Koike’s administration has surprisingly many achievements. She resolved the Toyosu relocation issue, which was a problem inherited from the Ishihara administration. She established the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Document Management Ordinance, the Tokyo Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance, and the Tokyo Child Abuse Prevention Ordinance. She pushed for the digitalization of Tokyo’s administration (paperless, hanko-less, cashless systems). She introduced a self-reform system within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and enhanced transparency through an information disclosure portal. She also introduced Green Bonds.

Under Koike’s administration, Tokyo’s economy has expanded (Tokyo's GDP increased from 104 trillion yen to 115 trillion yen, a growth of 11 trillion yen over four years).

The number of crimes has halved under Koike’s administration.

What's not to like?

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The campaign has already received orders from potential buyers for about 900 locations, mainly in the bustling Chiyoda and Chuo wards, according to the party.

Who are the buyers ?

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Renho, who has criticized Koike for her links with the LDP, has left the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan in pursuit of garnering wider support from voters. The CDPJ is backing her, along with the Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party.

Why is it okay to have a Communist party in Japan anyway? Or anywhere?

Nobody, and rightly so, would ever call themselves Nazis. It should be just as disagreeable and socially unacceptable to call oneself a Communist.

There are over 120 million bodies piled up, just in the last 100 years or so, as proof of that.

The Communists were (and where they exist, still are) just as bad as the Nazis ever were. If not even worse.

Why the C-label is still acceptable in Japan or anywhere is beyond me.

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