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Tokyo pressed El Salvador to prevent Beijing influence over port


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Good for Japan. That region is the USAs backyard, so Communist China should butt out of the area. El Salvador is far better off dealing with democracies like the USA and Japan.

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Smart move but the focus should be on helping increase the education, not just cold war issues. Debt-trap diplomacy of providing loans to countries with poor governance issues is just like a quick fix drug. It does nothing to help the country's sovereignty and self-sustaining growth in the longer-term scope. If the world does care to help countries develop and not for their own agendas, it would be better to provide joint education opportunities to these countries so they can take control to finally solve their own problems.

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Hahaha, 100% fake news. Japan isn't that stupid.

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Countries should be free to sign whatever agreements they want with others, but that doesn't mean their eyes shouldn't be fully opened to any strings connected to those agreements.

That applies to Chinese, USA, European, Japanese, Brazilian, or any other countries/businesses looking to invest.

El Salvador is familiar with US strings. Only they can choose if Chinese strings are worse. One question for China would be how many refugees from El Salvador will they accept annually?

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theFu, would be much better to eliminate refugees in the first place ? That is why so many countries choose China.

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Akie, exactly how would China prevent an Earthquake? The US has almost 200K refugees from El Salvador due to a 2001 quake.

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Get Out China monsters..

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