Tokyo seals deal on costs to host U.S. forces in FY2021


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The Japanese do a great job of keeping the bases secure and structurally sound.

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so-called host nation support?

what an euphenism...for foreign boots on the ground...so pathetic

btw how much will cost me "kindness" from my pocket?

how much should I sponsor US army in Japan?

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1.9 Billion is reasonable. Trump wanted 8 billion. 4x more.

Japan is part of Quad Alliance too. Something S. Korea refuses to join to balance China.

In case of any conflict with China, Japan will be the Shield. The country taking all the damage, all the hits, which citizens will die in such an event? Japanese citizens. Which factories will he destroyed/EMP attacks? Japanese factories.

South Korea is in a Win-Win deal, no matter what happens. Korea sits pretty. No Quad for the Korean. He has to think about his country First.

The support and help provided by Japan to America is worth hundreds of Billions of Dollars. Jobs provided back in USA over 1 million, Bonds purchase over 1.2Trillion supporting the economy and the dollar.

Japan is one of the best Allies The United States of America has, and the only one in East Asia you can count on.

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Former President Donald Trump suggested Japan shoulder four more times for cost-sharing. Of course, he didn't really mean it. His tactics in business dealing were first throw a bombshell and then come down to a level to this satisfaction. 

Well, negotiations a la Trump seem to have worked well enough here. Even though Trump is in office no longer, Tokyo has agreed to shoulder the current level of cost-sharing in the amount of 201.7 billion yen ($1.9 billion) for FY 2021.  Article 24 of SACO clearly states that the U.S. must pay all costs incident to the maintenance of U.S. bases in Japan. 

How could one explain this abnormality of Japan-U.S. relationship?

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