Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid a symbol of recovery: Noda

By Alastair Himmer

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the olympics should be abolished... its simply an over priced, over rated orgy of steroid fueled sporting banality....

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Wrong, it's a symbol of stupidity, more ego boosting and wasting desperately needed money!! Ishihara should be made to pay for all the money he has wasted during his time in office.

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Noda should worry about the recovery itself, rather than any forced symbol of it.

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The government will take any little success Japan sees these days and credit it to the suffering of the Japanese people without bothering to actually try dealing with what makes Japan suffer. It's sick the way they toss around 'proof of recovery' while failing to look at the fact that there's so much failure.

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not recovery, but useless spending. why don't you raise taxe...... oh wait, they are already trying to.. idiots. anyone who would even consider hosting the olympics in an overcrowded, foreigner unfriendly, expensive armpit like Tokyo would be even more moronic. Perhaps they are just fielding Tokyo's "dummy bid" because Japan is dumb enough to give under the table money to the committee?

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This is laughable......

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Wrong, it's a symbol of stupidity, more ego boosting and wasting desperately needed money!!

buggerlugs -- spot on. I would just add arrogance and child-like need for attention.

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At the rate they are going there will still be piles of rubble around here in 2020. Instead of symbolism, how about actually doing something in the disaster-affected areas?

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Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid a symbol of recovery: Noda

Wishful thinking. I wonder how many countries will come to Japan and participate while Fukushima Daiichi radiation spill level was equivalent to Chernobyl level 7, and Japanese government has not been aggressive enough to remove contaminattion.for recovery. They probably would not take a risk to send their people to satisfy Japanese objective; SYMBOL. .

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Having the Olympics is not only ecclesiastical whiteout, but a highly irresponsible move while in the midst of a 20-year recession. This is nothing but parlor tricks. Keep the Olympics in one place and stop the IOC from exploiting tax-payers and bankrupting cities.

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lol noda how is bid = recovery? im telling u angels are running this country

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More like the mighty taxpayer can overcome any burden, even paying for these Olympics.

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Japan recovery starts by:

importing clean food for the population stopping the spread of the waste all over the country. Evacuating the areas heavily contaminated In over word, spending this huge amount of necessary money for organizing these games to save Japan till 2020..
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More symbols to divert our attention from the real mess we are in. No thanks! I hate to think of the brown mess of an economy we will be in by 2020.

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The 1964 Olympics were a great success because it showcased a new Japan, emerged from the ashes of its own destruction a mere 19 years after the end of WW2. There was much to laud and celebrate.

But as the failed bids of 2008 and 2016 have shown this is simply Ishihara's fantasy to create a (perceived ) legacy for himself.

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Spot on Sumo Bob. Some Tokyoites are already calling this 'Shintaro's Olympics'. Not unlike his heroic bid to buy islands. Self-serving and wasteful.

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Considering Japan can't even power a hospital properly in summer anymore, I don't know how they will convince anyone that they can power massive stadiums and tons of air conditioning units. Unless they get nuclear power back up, there is no Olympics, and no recovery for that matter.

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“Tokyo 2020 will be the Games of excellence, staged in the world’s most forward-thinking city and will feature world-class infrastructure and technology,” added Takeda."

But you'll be housed and play in a new Olympic Village built of radioactive concrete. You'll dine on contaminated food because the government doesn't want to check more than a minute fraction to avoid insulting farmers upon whom the government, through its negligence, permitted nuclear waste to be dumped. World class my @rse. This is a government that is willing to send children back to areas 4 times more heavily contaminated than the mandatory evacuation level in the Soviet Union, because it is too expensive to evacuate them. This is a government that has a legal civilian exposure rate of 1 mSv/year but is ignoring that and forcing people to move into areas with 20 times higher radioactivity. And yet it has enough money to hold the Olympics?

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