Top court orders state to disclose secret funds papers, without names


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That's murky, no accountability and court the highest court sides with the government, who spent the money? where? remains a secret. But it's no secret that it's tax payers money disappearing, into... Well we don't know it's an offical mystery. I hope that the government can get the publics understanding.

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such as for gaining cooperation from someone related to important national policies or paying for intelligence provision.

a.k.a. giving bribes when and where Abe needs cooperation and or support for something HE wants!

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One rule for the poor and another the rich!

Anonymous donations amounting to billions of yen?

I bet the parliament building in Tokyo is warm enough not to require wearing a coat unlike most schools that can't afford heating.

Nevermind, as long as the majority of the population believes that it should grin and bear it without complaint then nothing will change.....

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Are land deals covered by this? Although I detest his right wing beliefs there is an old man who has been in solitary confinement for at least 4 months. The Beauracracts who gave the OK then destroyed the paper work are immune from any exposure or prosecution it's an indication that corruption is a "State Secret" little bit little bit and we will all suffer. Who and where are not now questions to be asked. Just pay more.

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Whitewash from Kyodo, as usual. Here's a proper article about the "secret funds," which are so secret that everyone knows about them. Slush fund would be the correct name one supposes:


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So what's the point of this decision? We don't who spent what on what??

We all know the need for secrecy in intelligence ops. We all know that this need financing. What we don't need is reminding of this. That just makes us more suspicious and resentful.

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"... such as for gaining cooperation from someone related to important national policies or paying for intelligence provision."

Yup.. its the same luggage full of cash Suga will carry again trying to buy voters for the Henoko soon, or was wasted on 100s police officers that are harrassing the Okinawa people there ( and have a nice state payed stay at the Kanucha Bay Hotel )

but Im not surprised as the cornerstone of LDP politics is the checkbook ( wasting taxpayers money to buy votes ).
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J inc slush fund!

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those that do not carry information on how and for whom the funds were used.

That sounds totally useless. Imagine submitting a ryoshusho without that information to your employer.

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Honestly, ops not the best word to use when talking about the Large Diaper Party their agenda of retuning Japan to 1930 is well underway. Last thing they want is any legal means to question where the money disappears to. Be happy smile and try not to die in a public manner, on your futon undiscovered for months that's fine just pay your tax.

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I know a very rich businessman and he told me that every project he does, he has a “secret budget” which helps thing run smoothly and that it is normal practice.

i wonder how much of this went to Yasukini Shrine?

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Now why do I smell a very large rat?

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That large rat has a blue badge on his lapel, but seeks understanding with out actually explaining.

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I don't think that Japan is different from any other country in this respect.

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This is awesome.


1 there are groups monitoring this

2 The Supreme Court actually accomplished something

3 The Supreme Court is not surprisingly useless ( according to the constitution the diet is the supreme of the land, which makes the Supreme Court just a place for beurocrats to retire)

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The untouchables! Must be nice at the top!

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while this ruling proves that the supreme court of japan is corrupt beyond repair, the release of the documents with un-redacted transaction information means that with some sleuthing the people involved in the transactions can be found out simply enough when cross referenced with normal records released to the public in other countries (or leaked)

i would not be surprised if all of the wealthy LDP members are running personal money laundromats.

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USA is different. People and organizations say their names and amount of donation and to whom.

There is noo. Limit of ammmout of donation.

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Fund transparency is the secret of a good and modern democracy.

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So basically someone will pocket 50mil. yen and Google why tourists don't spend so much.

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In some prefectures in southern prefecture where their industries are prosperous, donations are large, And there were wealthy people who donate a politician because he is a grandson of a politician to whom he used to donate, even he dislikes.

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50 million yen is not discussed here. A lot bigger money receiving candidates are targeted. To stop monopolism of prime ministers in one prefecture in Japan needs to be stopped.

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toshiko, was in reference to funds for the government to understand why tourists don't spend a lot of money. Earlier article.

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@since1981: funds in discussion has nothing to do with how much touurists spend money in Japan. Read article. This is discussing donations politicians receive.

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Not much disclosure but bribe specialty contractors will be discouraged. I think revealing names of large amount contributors might not be a bad idea.

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Donation is not taxpayers' money. Private citizen donated his/her/their money. This is why courts are. suspicious in nature of donation.

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The secret funds ... are budgeted as an expense that can be used flexibly to carry out national operations, such as for gaining cooperation from someone related to important national policies

One person who received this money is former Okinawa governor Nakaima, who suddenly decided to approve the reclamation work at Henoko after a visit to Tokyo, where the LDP gave him a large cash sum.

It is important that the recipients of the money be identified as bribery is illegal. If the money was used to influence elected politicians both parties should be prosecuted and jailed for corruption. But, of course, nothing will happen.

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Spending by any political party is not related to this court decision.

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