Top Japan diplomat Akiba to be appointed national security adviser


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Can see this going sideways in a hurry.

Akiba, a close aide to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and his predecessor Shinzo Abe, will replace Shigeru Kitamura, a former National Police Agency official, as head of Japan's National Security Secretariat, the sources said.

Neither former current Pms have a history of good choices.

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Really? He has absolutely, positively no contact with today's world, with reality. He's completely cut off.

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Does he actually have any experience for the post that he is about to take? I do not see any! So why has he been chosen? Another friend of Abe/Suga who need a promotion, but zero experience in the subject? We can't expect any improvement then, or was that the idea?

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Once again, just rotating friends. Akiba is a nut job.

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