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Top U.S. lawmakers strike deal to fast-track trade deals


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We`ll have to send in more gyro-copters.

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I am not a supporter of TPP but TPA would put Obama into the driver's seat in the negotiations with Japan and the others. Would Abe use this as an "arrow" or will he chicken hawk this opportunity too?

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Japan's all in now!

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Top U.S. congressional lawmakers struck a long-sought, bipartisan agreement Thursday for the broadest trade policy pact in years, allowing President Barack Obama to negotiate trade accords for Congress’ review and move forward with talks on a sweeping partnership with Pacific nations.

Hey Japan, the U.S. Congress just called your bluff. Just a couple of weeks ago you were using the lack of this fast-track authority as an excuse to delay not getting a deal done. Balls in your court now. And, now Obama has the clout to kick Japan to the curb if need be, if they don't truly adhere to the principles of TPP. Wow, this is great news.

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