Top U.S. Navy officer urges China to avoid confrontations


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China does not follow rules. It does not recognize international jurisdiction over it's sovereignty and therefore over it's territorial claims.

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The 9 dash line is such a joke, but everyone is afraid of the bully. Why the heck did we even open upto them? Knowing it would come to this.

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Certainly 30 years ago the hope was that China would become a modern power that would work withing the rules of conduct that has kept peace, for the most part, for 70 years. Instead we've got a bully in the neighborhood with a huge chip on their collective shoulder. That's not going to work, as Japan and Germany both found out. The sad part is that the West has given up so much of their economic clout to help China out and this is the thanks we get. I hope it doesn't get worse than it is.

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Blame it on Nixon, who tried to drive a wedge between China and the Soviet Union.

If he had concentrated on supporting Taiwan, China would have collapsed with the Soviet Union, and the power vacuum would have made the transition to democracy easier.

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About time real emergencies are brought to light..

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China has a historical record for masking peace while preparing for war, why do governments not see this and that WAR is what China wants but biding time while building. As their confidence grows so to does their rhetoric until they are ready to invade unannounced, history proves it again and again, the last time for a small entity was Tibet, anyone forget about Tienneman Massacre. hmmm. Rhetoric will never work against China but real action will push them back. In other words take them back to the dark ages before fire.

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I blame it on Capitalism. Greed for profits led to huge investment in Chinese factories by companies moving their production to China for the better profits available with a minimally paid workforce. The West created this monster knowing that a one party communist ruled country would not play by western rules. Take the profits now and worry about China later. Well later has arrived.

Sadly western governments have stopped leading and let private corporations and companies lead for profit.

Western governments need to have ownership of their direction and build for the future, not for profits.

Internationals laws need to be upheld even when it is against a strong country. When everyone supports the law even the strongest nation must follow the rules or face the world alone.

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Where was the Chinese communist party defending their Pacific maritime zone in WW2?

Non-existant. Because they were letting their Nationalist brothers and sisters do all the donkey work, fending off the IJA.

No, the Pacific Ocean was opened up the Allies, and that means lead by the US, allied with the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, the Oceania peoples.

The CCP is very brave in peace-time, but really, used the WW2 conflict for it's own benefit. The free world needs to remember this.

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Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said "we use rules rather than weapons to safeguard and promote our own interests," and that the U.S. should focus on cooperation with China instead of issuing such a report.

China only uses rules when they favor China. Otherwise it is China’s way or the threat of war. Everyone knows this.

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Where was the Chinese communist party defending their Pacific maritime zone in WW2?

Go read up history book or google it, there wasn't any CCP country at all.

Where was US during WW2, US did not joint in until Germany and Japan attack USA, so you really do have to read up on history of the world.

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Chucky138Jan. 20  10:32 pm JST

Where was the Chinese communist party defending their Pacific maritime zone in WW2?

Go read up history book or google it, there wasn't any CCP country at all.

The CCP was founded in 1921. They did not take complete power until 1949. The Peoples Liberation Army was originally founded in 1927. Until the Japanese invasion in 1937 they fought the Nationalist forces under Chang Kai Shek.

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Was form, Do they have control of the whole country, Don't forget IJA France Germany and GB was trying to control China, so you tell me how are they going to have a navy.

IJA wanted to conquer the whole of China, do tell the strength of IJA army in China at that time, and they do have a civil war with lot of different Warlords wrestling for control of china.

please I do know you have a bias against China, but you can't even admit history what Japan had done , and here you try to tell me?.

Don't quote wiki can't be trusted, Republican China in Turmoil 1912-1926 - Sanderson Beck


The Chinese in Shanghai protested against taxation without representation, and in 1926 the foreigners allowed three Chinese to be elected to the Municipal Council. A Nationalist government was established in Guangzhou on July 1, 1925 with Wang Jingwei as president.

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the party was form, but they do not control the country Ossan, did you read what he wrote before answering?

K3PO quote, Where was the Chinese communist party defending their Pacific maritime zone in WW2?

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Excellent comment Peter14.

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