Mayor of town hosting nuclear plant admits receiving ¥1 mil from construction firm


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"I caused a lot of trouble and regret it," he said.

Yep. that should be enough. Oh maybe a deep bow or too. No going to jail. No 8 hour interrogations with a shower every 5 days. No confinement to a cell where you are not allowed to turn off the light to sleep. Just express regret and bow. Ah...for the life of a Japanese politician...

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Japanese politicians are cheap

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"I did not know Shiohama Industry was helping me out with the election," Wakiyama told Kyodo, adding he met with members of the company for the first time when they took cash to him.

Least convincing denial I have ever heard in my life. Its almost kind of endearing how inept rural politicans are at trying to explain away their corruption.

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I caused a lot of trouble and regret it

[no comment necessary]

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