TPP pact chances 'significantly' better than 50-50: Obama


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This sounds like a gamble, and yet we know the process has been rigged from the beginning to favour huge multinational corporations and investors at the expense of workers and the environment in this race to the bottom pursuit. Obama and his friends' win will be our loss.

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...should not be discriminatory or used as a "ruse" to keep investors out.

The trouble is that investors have a very self serving and subjective definition of the word ruse. Kraft foods engages in a ruse every time they try to sell me their 'Parmesan' cheese which has never been to Parma.

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TPP is not at all in the nation's interests, it's in trans national corporation giant's interests, not for Japanese Agriculture, etc.

Japan doesn't want to commit - but is being pushed hard by the US. I for one would hate to see US GMO crops grown in Japan - which would result as one of the affects of TPP membership and be irreversible once started. Many EU countries have banned GMO's as has Russia.

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