TPP talks progress but gap remains between U.S., Japan


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The US criticises Japan on Auto imports, that is pot calling kettle black, how about US drop tariffs on Japan trucks and cars, and allow used cars into its market.

Japan has no tariffs on US cars and allows used American cars to be imported.

But please Mr US man tell us why people in Japan must drive LHD US cars and you will not cater to the market by fitting RH Steering ?

You expect them to buy dangerous vehicles with the steering on the wrong side to suit your childish ego and reasons?

The Japanese manufacture LHD cars for the US market, play fair or go home.

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Key issues like intellectual properties? This is the first time I heard about the TPP wanting to also control "intellectual properties, meaning: refers to creation of mind, such as inventions; designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce. How far does the TPP actually go? There are just too many secret details, to safely move forward on this dangerous pact. The more we find out, the more this sounds like just a way to CONTROL!

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Stuart intellectual property, medical care are two items not really publicised, there is a lot that is secret too, be careful of this TPP

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This is a false narrative that pits one country against another to disguise that the TPP, written in secret by and for transnational corporations and investors, will further grow the wealth, income and political influence gaps between the super rich and powerful and the rest of us, who have seen our wages remain stagnant or decrease despite economic and productivity growth.

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Most of what you have to worry about in TPP is here. But hey, maybe dairy prices will go down! https://wikileaks.org/tpp/

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The TPP is pretty much dead. Sustaining this useless talk is just to help the Americans save face. Obama made the push already, and now even he has given up. His focus is on Ebola now, not that it's really an important issue, but that's what the Republicans have been bashing him about during this election season.

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