TPP trade talks extended to Friday as ministers struggle for deal


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Keep struggling. This was a stupid idea. I'd be for free trade if

It really was free trade; no tarrifs on anything whatsoever. The products from the TPP nations would be treated as domestic.

it included an open borders agreement so people negatively affected by it can move somewhere else and still work.

the negociations were conducted in public.

If those 3 criteria are not met, its an exercise in futility.

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The TTP is not a good fit for most of the countries involved. Give it up already and negotiate local free trade agreements. I know the 1% can taste the big money so they are pushing real hard. At least we can watch the 1% bash each other in the head.

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Thank God they didn't specify which Friday.

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Time to wave goodbye to more jobs. Mr Obama should have learned by now that Big Business only make deals that are advantageous to itself, and that the legislators to whom it "contributes," (for want of a better word,) will always support those deals.

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The TPP is a very good idea. Strength in numbers to counter-balance against "nefarious" China.

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Our thanks to all who contributed to the defeat of TPP. The fightback against the greedy corpporations has finally begun!

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The fightback against the greedy corpporations has finally begun! what just now! left it a bit late didnt you, fightback or not the TPP will pass eventually, with or without Japan. Japan is free to pull out and compete with China on making its own asia FTA, good luck with that.

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