Trade ministers resume TPP talks in Singapore


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U.S.-led Pacific free trade area, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

They didn't even start TPP. Who made them boss of TPP.

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Exactly Vic the USA walks in and expects everyone else to bow to it, they are late comers and should sit at the back of the room

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California produce 2 million tons of rice and they wanted to sell it to Asia-pacific Nations, but what will happened to 580 million tons of rice produced by Asia Pacific? What will Asia Pacific say? This Asia Pacific accounts to 90% of total rice production in the world. That is to say that the whole other remaining countries of the world produce only 10% out of the total 100%. If america wants to sell their 2 million tons of rice in Asia Pacific because America do not eat rice as their staple diet, than where will Asia Pacific go and sell its rice production which accounts to 90% of the world rice production?

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