Trump, Abe say it is imperative to dismantle N Korean weapons


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Cowboys want guns, big ones .

Indonesians want ideas, at laest since ‚45 past century.

June 1st is hereto stay.

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The U.S. should lead by example and start denuclearizing themselves.

It's 2018. No country needs nuclear weapons.

Why not China and Russia lead by example and start denuclearization themselves? Or maybe its okay for China and Russia to have nuclear weapons while the U.S. can't, eh?

But let's not stop there. What about biological, chemical weapons AND conventional weapons?

It's 2018. No country needs weapons of any kind. If all weapons are abolished, then there can be peace.

Yeah right......This is all pollyanana wishful thinking. The seeds of war are everywhere and the conflicts of interest are real and deep and will not be abolished by pious platitudes.

So long as there is a political ideological difference between the democratic South Korea and communist DPRK North Korea, there will never be peace between the two Koreas. The best that can be hoped for is a precarious balance of power such that neither side has an advantage over the other.

North Korea's nuclear weapons and IRBM/ICBM missiles have upset that parity. This is the major reason for the demand for denuclearization.

On the other hand, if North Korea refuses to denuclearize, then there is no choice but to nuclearize South Korea and Japan.....to maintain parity and a deterrence against North Korea.

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And what about the country which supplied them this technology..

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And what the country which supplied them this technology..


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Just look at the body language. trump is just not interested in anything Abe San has to say. The limp handshake. no smiles just a grimace.

You can see this meeting was all one way. trumps way or nothing.

The same thing will happen with Mr Kim.

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Abe is inviting troubles. So far NK doesn't demand Japan to destroy any weapons. Perhaps NK will to get a fair and reciprocal deal.

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Nuclear weapons, yes.

Ballistic missiles, no.

Ballistic missiles are legal weapons under international law. If Japan can't accept NK's ballistic missile force, then it should either invest in a more robust missile defense system than the Aegis Ashore and counter battery ballistic missiles.

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Abe,s desperate posturing in order to appear ' in the game' for his desperately needed domestic boost is a bit flat. Then again after he got nothing at all from Putin , as expected, what else can he do.

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And what is to be done about America's nuclear weapons?

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ChicanoinjapanToday  04:06 pm JST

The U.S. should lead by example and start denuclearizing themselves.

It's 2018. No country needs nuclear weapons.

No country is stupid enough to give up its firepower, we may have developed incredible technologies in the past 30 years but when it comes to the human condition we are still a bunch of monkeys with rocks and sticks ready to kill other monkeys. Not going to happen and least of all the USA which sells 100 of billions in weapons every year.

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They're both fools. Kim will never give up his nukes.

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@ browny

I thought Abe just made a phone call - not a summit.

Technically, even phone call between World Leaders is called “Summit”. So yes, PM Abe and Trump held Summit.

Recently, some Japan Media are hailing PM Abe as “Summit King”. He sure is skilled at them!

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Untrustworthy means isolated, stalinist , poor, not what east asia is all about....

or isit?

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"Japan, which has by far the hardest line compared to neighbors China and South Korea, has been left uneasy by the pace of events, and by what it sees as an unwarranted softening toward an untrustworthy Pyongyang."

Let's hope Japan does not try to torpedo the summit with antagonizing comments.

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This is not a money or kindergarden issue, interesting to see how the diplomatic f ace of jp interacts with the maverics.

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How can Abe trust someone as stupid and foolish as Trump and why America get to keeps all its own nuclear arsenal , and threaten other countries whenever it wants.So glad China has risen to most powerful country on the world

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Don’t be fooled by the headlines, all are jostling, threatening, and working with 3rd parties towards this sit down.

SK, NK, USA, and even China and Japan all have only their mission and what they want seen done and it doesn’t have much to do with the other. Whats good for one nation could be horrible for another.

In the space of several weeks we went from nuclear threats to the first ever meeting between a NK leader and US one, to back to thinly veiled threats and nuclear button references.

This is far from over.

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So Shinzo's much-vaunted dash to St. Petersburg was a total washout and now he's reduced to stalking President Pørnø McMafia to find out what's going on in Korea. Sad, as the fraudster might say.

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Title should read Abe asks Trump to "don't you ... forget about me....don't don't don't"...

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Abe still thinks Trump is a good guy to follow, since the first meeting he was the earliest leader to meet him. On the other hand, Trump only thinks Abe is one more puppet to his side. I'm against Abe approaches to Trump, thinking he is better in politics with much experiences. Abe can do what he wants but don't involve Japan to another trouble, where his brain is going to blow up with all those domestic issues.

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The irrelevant Japanese are a) desperate to seem relevant, b) terrified of any kind of diminishing of the NK bogeyman.

The problem for Japanese nationalists and their liar PM is that Japan is increasingly irrelevant, and in geopolitical terms has been since 1945.

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Ganbare Japan!

Today 04:19 pm JST

Excellent Summit of two Great Leaders.

I thought Abe just made a phone call - not a summit.

And the article is just repeating a repeat of a repeat ad nauseum.

Nothing fresh or new to add to the situation, just Abe trying to appear relevant.

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Excellent Summit of two Great Leaders.

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"The president and prime minister affirmed the shared imperative of achieving the complete and permanent dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missile programs."

I have a big doubt suddenly.

I could imagine NK giving up nukes in exchange for something else (something big), but giving more than that ? No way. If they try to push that hard so soon, the talks will be re-cancelled as fast as they can say "maximum pressure".

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That's it, lads. Keep shouting yer gobs off before the main event. Guaranteed to put a spanner in the works.


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The U.S. should lead by example and start denuclearizing themselves.

It's 2018. No country needs nuclear weapons.

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