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Trump, Abe take a swing at golf diplomacy


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Man, I'm so old I remember when righties mocked Presidents for playing too much golf.

Oh wait, that was six months ago.

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So I guess Mar-a-Lago has become the new Camp David! In the future will we look back on the Mar-a-lago peace accord? I think not. Donald is really breaking all the molds, isn't he.

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Who won?

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At least the first ladies probably won't try to steal any of Robert Kraft's rings though I don't why he would want to spend time with them.

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Expect only vague opaque future promises of any meaningful bilateral trade deals. It not in Abe san nature to commit political self harm opening up Japan's fragile agricultural markets.

No Japanese government could fight off the equally protectionist resistance from J farming and JA distribution lobby, one of the most powerful, politically astute, well organized agricultural cooperatives globally, who can deploy a voting base that can decide the outcome of any general election.

Japanese farms landholding average around 2.2 hectares, one eight the size of the American farming giants. If ever possible, reform and restructuring of J agriculture and farming would take many decades of upheaval, not discounting the fact that over sixty percent of Japan’s two plus million commercial farmers are in there late sixties or older.

There is the opportunity to review Japans continued Mexican car production facilities. However if the continued explosive and contentious issue surround the control of the South China Sea trading routes deteriorates,the reclamation and militarization of Scarborough Shoal could well prove to be point no return to full blown military confrontation, the US forward bases in Japan will be indispensable tactically and strategically in the conventional and non - conventional theatres of war.

All a probable reason why no mention of any threats of withdrawal or economic accountability will persist on the fairway, or interfere with Trumps or Abe san swing at golf diplomacy. Will we see it all ending in the rough or ruff take your pick.

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Just another super rich 'swap' leaders - nothing changes.

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In 1957, Abe's grandfather, Prime Minister Kishi, and US President Eisenhower (along with Sen. Prescott Bush, G.W. Bush's grandfather) played golf.


Kishi and Eisenhower symbolizes the anti-communist, post-war US-Japan alliance.

About 60 years later, today, Trump and Abe are playing golf. Trump, personally, wants Japan to have Nuclear weapons and protect themselves without US involvement. Abe, personally, wants to change his country's pacifist constitution to become a "normal" nation. He too wants his country to be able to self-reliant or at least wants an equal partnership with US. In other words, both Trump and Abe want to create a post-post-war US-Japan relationship.

However, the occasion failed them to become a new symbol of such an era. The reality did not allow them. Apart from personal beliefs, they both had to play as if they are still in the post-war era. The world's second largest economy and the biggest US trade partner is still under the communist dictatorship, Their people still cannot choose their own political leaders. They cannot even express their own opinions that are not compatible with their dictator. And they are increasing their military powers without respect for democracy and human rights.

Russia, long thought dead as a communist power, is still hanging tough to their old glories. And the world cannot ignore their military powers. Then there is North Korea acting as crazy as ever.

Ugly reality is too much for Trump and Abe to become a new symbol of post-post-war era.

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How about taking a swing at real diplomacy?

The Whitehouse handshake between the two certainly showed Abe's attempt to not so subtly connect with Trump on the one hand-but also pander to those in Japan who are worried about Trump. The painful grimace he gave after releasing Trump's hand was almost slapstick in its exaggerated attempt to say 'Look, how hard this is...I'm doing a really difficult job here...' It was definitely for the home crowd... Abe puts his hand between Trump and the cameras to suggest that his control over the situation...Trump then obscures Abe's hand by patting it patronizingly and thus reasserting his dominance.. So a lot of posturing...but diplomacy... I guess that happened on the ninth hole....

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They both tried to bond so hard but even Super Glue wouldn't have helped. One other thought, neither of them did much bonding with the press did they? I wonder if the Japanese press showed the photos from the press pool room at the Country Club with all the windows and doors covered with black plastic so they couldn't see them playing? As for the score, that will be the subject of the next big leak from an unidentified but his official at the White House.

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Well, this is fairly pleasant to hear. It's good they have golf to bond over as people who like golf really like golf, so the relationship hopefully should be good going forward

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