Trump aims to ease Asian allies' qualms when he meets Abe

By Linda Sieg and David Brunnstrom

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I expected Abe to take a more conservative policy when was elected but he is a globalist much more than left-liberal politicians.

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“Both tend to decide and act based on intuition.

In plain talk, "knee-jerk" reaction.

Abe, a political blue blood and veteran lawmaker, and Trump, a brash outsider with no diplomatic or government experience, have differences on policy issues such as free trade.

Right, and neither have nor care one bit about what the people want and need.

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both (Abe and Trump) are pragmatists who put their countries’ interests first

I nearly had an accident reading this

top priority is to establish a personal relationship rather than debate specific policy areas

because Trump can't articulate any specific policy areas for Abe to obsequiously agree with

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"Prime Minister Abe, maybe we can come to some sort of agreement. I don't have any hotels in Tokyo yet..."

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Some of Trump’s rhetoric suggests an image of Japan forged in the 1980s, when Tokyo was seen by many in the United States as a threat to jobs and a free-rider on defence.

I guess we'll soon find out if Trump is that dumb American, or was simply playing to the dumb Americans out there.

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Will Trump simply steal the PM's lunch money?

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I predict that the word, "terrific," will be used many times. Oh, and also, "Believe me."

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two may find they have more in common when they meet in New York on Thursday...

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What I am hearing is Trump will use the alliance with Australia as an example of how Japan, South Korea and the Philippines should structure their alliance with USA. As for trade any offshore USA company will be hit with a entry Tax. That mean companies like Apple will find it hard to sell their product in The USA. Like Toyota have plants in the USA but USA car makers have their plants in Mexico. Japanese cars will dominate USA sell because they employ USA in the USA. Euro cars are made in Mexico and will be treated hard to enter the USA.

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Japan, in Professor John Dower's terminology, has always been the US "Super domino" in the Far East. There will be no reason for a less amical relation between the two countries. I strongly believe that Japan, South Korea and Australia will be able to stand firm against the Zhongnanhai war criminals. As for Putin, we can wait.

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