Trump asked Abe to allow one of his top donors to open casino in Japan: report


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Big surprise! Probably Abe said no problem, and will probably even still grant the bid to him if it'll get him even a look of recognition from his hero, Trump.

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Trust Donald to embarrass Abe. Took a long while for this to be made public though.

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Trump macking for a fellow racketeer. It will be interesting to read how GoTrumpers claiming Trump couldn't be bought spin this. That's twice Trump's shown to be doing Adelson's bidding. I wonder who else.

Has Trump released his current tax info so the public might know who all else he's financially beholden to?

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About time for both of them to get out of (not only) the political business!

They're probably looking at Putin, reputed to be the richest man in the world, and looking for ways to emulate him.

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Trump's push surprised Abe's entourage and the prime minister "didn't really respond, and said thank you for the information," one of the sources said, according to ProPublica, known for producing investigative journalism, in an article titled, "Trump's Patron-in-Chief."

The president raising a top donor's personal business interests directly with a foreign leader would violate long-standing norms, the article said.

Who's surprised?! Trump and Abe have oil & water personalities but it works (well sort of); the awkward/weak Abe (especially on the international stage) is the ideal target for Trump the overconfident flat-tack bully. A marriage made in heaven.

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Go for it! Right next door to the vetenary university, might as well ceep the cluster of Shinzos crimes in one place...it's a legacy.

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Republican's are too thick too realize that a rich man is more easily corruptible than a poor one, since he has more to lose. You wanted a non-politician? Congratulations, you elected a poster boy for kleptocrats, liars and bent officials all over the world.

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Lol the insanity continues unabated. Nice to refer to adelson as a donor seeing as he singlehandedly shapes election outcomes that suit him and only him. But democracy!!!

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Trump needs to be fired and given a job as a dealer on a blackjack table.

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Sontaku Abe, it’s sontaku. Think you should know what that means.

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isn't that unethical if not illegal for POTUS to promote a business run by one of his donors?

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Pretty dodgy. Then again, its been going on for decades and decades.

Not all the dirty laundry is telecast to the world, which is both a good and bad thing.

Why do we think CEO's and big business pay for access? Kindness of their heart?

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Good to hear!

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Ha ha! Mate’s rates! Trump has an itch and Abe is gonna scratch it.

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That damn swamp is growing larger by the day!

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It's the President's job to promote US business abroad.

Sure, in the plural! But not a single business, and certainly not if said business owner gave him money.

Google: "Conflict of Interest".

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Adelson spent $100 million on Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Trump has a debt to pay to Adelson, and can do favors if outside of the US.

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Japan should say no to this offer

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Trumps should give this offer to China

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"build a casino in Japan"

What! And take business away from pachinko, horse racing, powerboat racing and lotteries?

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More jobs for American workers. Do you guys prefer that a Chinese company won the bid?

we prefer the bid to go to the best tender, providing the best returns to the local economies employing Japanese and keep as much of the profits generated in Japan., as would any sane country government expect. Not some blackmail of tarriffs if you dont give it to Trumps best payoff buddy

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Do you guys prefer that a Chinese company won the bid?

Uhm...no? Seriously, you're the only one here who brought that up, Mr. Strawman.

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In this country ( UK) we have laws to stop the PM using office to give gifts to people who put money up to get them in power and then turn round and ask other countries to make them money , bet Trump will not let America people hear about this if he can , shows he starting to try to pay back the old boys gang for putting him in power and he said Hillary Clinton was bend

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That explains a lot.

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Trump Enterprises is now headquartered in the White House in Washington, DC ... the farcical Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio is the biggest conjob in the history of the United States of America.

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The Government is always promoting business opportunity for their local businesses and lobby foreign Government for them and it was legal as long as they do not business interests in Company and no kick-back was involved.

PM Abe must say “no” to foreign and domestic Casino operators if the PM Abe is patriotic and love Japanese society. The Casino is blood sucker evil. The Casino will destroy Japanese orderly and peaceful society. The orderly and peaceful society will become disoriented society.

The Japanese Government will get ten of billions of dollars gambling tax from Casino as well as the foreign owns Casino will take hundreds of billions dollars out of Japan.

PM Abe should understand the main Casino Tax will come from Japanese peoples and not from foreign tourists or high roller gamblers.

Japanese peoples love to play on Pachinko Machine. Already Japan has 5million addicts to Pachinko machine. 5 million Japanese Pachinko addicts will be definitely attracted by million dollar Pokie Jackpot.

In Australia, most of Casino gamblers have lost on Pokie machines. The Pokie machine is very addictive computer programmed gambling machine. The peoples lost homes, business and retirement saving. According to Australian Gambling research, the estimated 400 Australians with gambling-related problems have commit suicide every year. The relationship broken down and divorce, becoming drug mule for loan shark to pay back gambling debts, prostitution, homicide and other petty crimes will be major problem for the Japanese Government and the Japanese society and the safety of peoples who are living in Japan will be comprised if the Government has issued Casino license to operate in major cities or closed to major city.

The Casino was already legalized by the Diet. The Casino operator license should be issued for Hotel Resorts in Okinawa prefecture only because it will create employment opportunity for young Okinawan. Only Japanese professional gamblers will travel to Okinawa.

The Japanese peoples must oppose opening the Casino in their city.

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Kleptocrats of a feather baccarat together.

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As opposed to all the crap his past few predecessors have engaged in? So far, no new WARS, though ISIS has pretty much been sidelined, the ECONOMY is roaring... So he puts in a plug for a donor's business - oh, the horrors!

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This is great news as it shows that both sides are trying to make deals with each other without one side giving in to the other. Step by step.

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