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Trump conveys condolences over death of Nakasone


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Trump is a class act.

It's great see my President acknowledging Mr. Regan's & Mr. Nakasone past robust bilateral alliance efforts and hard work. Both great men ahead of their time.

a cornerstone of peace, prosperity, and freedom then and now. The future is bright for Japan and the U.S.

May the former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone find peace.

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Trump has never heard of Nakasone, I guarantee it. Some flunky wrote this.

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Surprised he didn't tweet it.

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trump insults Japan again.

trump has zero idea of whom he is speaking of.

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trump insults Japan again.

trump has zero idea of whom he is speaking of.

How on earth is offering condolences an insult?

Lucky I am not the President of the United States. I wouldn't have offered any condolences at all.

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This man has been dead almost a week, Nakasone bought a bunch of US debt

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Trump has never heard of Nakasone, I guarantee it.

Of all the things Trump does, you want to criticize him for not knowing a Japanese politician from 30 years ago...

Why would you expect the US president to know the name of the Japanese Prime Minister from 1985? So what if he heard of the death and learned who he was at that point? There is nothing wrong with offering condolences for someone you were unaware of.

Also, how many Japanese citizens can name the Prime Minister from 1985? I bet quite a few can't and you expect a foreigner to have Japan's political history memorized...

Some flunky wrote this.

Well, that is how the majority of political comments are written by any leader, but again, suddenly Trump is bad for having a speech writer? I'd prefer it that way actually...

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I wouldn't be surprised if Trump knew who Nakasone was. Trump has been rich for years, and been in elite circles. Knowing who the Japanese prime minister was in the '80s doesn't seem that out of place. In fact, I read Art of the Deal (which to be fair, he didn't actually write) and I even remember him talking about the Japanese. Might have even mentioned the prime minister in it.

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