Trump heads to Japan with N Korea on his mind

By Steve Holland

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I volunteer to take care of Melania while the Prez is busy...

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I don't think NK is on his mind. It's getting Abe to continue being his lapdog, change article 9 and attack china. Without America dollars. China is paused to be the worlds number one economy in a year or two. That would destroy America first.

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There is only one thing on Donald's mind, and that is Donald.

This trip, like anything in the Trump presidency, is farce.

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The real problem is that Kim has larger, better-attended ceremonies than either Trump or Abe. This cannot be tolerated.

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Hope Trump will see Asians are not eager to join US wars all over in the world.

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Hope Trump will see Asians are not eager to join US wars all over in the world

Well, drooling to change the Constitution to send SDF forces to other countries it sure seems like Abe is eager

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Trade is of major concern, whereas the United States in the past has produced/manufactured and marketed their products and and agriculture products worldwide. Today we are major importers of goods manufactored outside US borders and our manufactured are outsourcing the manufacting of US products due to massive regulation restrictions. This is most likely the main goal of the President’s trip. Yes NK will be atopic of discussion.

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Trump heads to Japan with N Korea on his mind

Well, it is a small country.

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Donny boy is coming to Japan and he's going to be talking so much manure, it'll fertilize that beautiful flower garden for next year. Horticulturalists have plenty of work ahead of them.

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China is cleverly using North Korea to distract from what they are doing in the South China Sea (taking it over). And Trump is easily distracted.

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Abe knows changing Article 9 is not going to happen. He is just pretending he wants to militarize Japan. Trump has been fooled by Abe. Trump thinks Japan will attack N. Korea for Trump.

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JSDF is not trained to attack foreign countries. When Inada was heading Minister, the force helped Syria to rebuild translation streets. Then left.

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OMG, all we need now is for North Korea to send a missile over Japan while Trumpy is there.

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Trump heads to Japan with N Korea on his mind

WRONG! The investigation on him is on his mind.

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For change, he is not blurting. He has amnesia now.

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I hope the dogs aren't eating the marigolds. While not poisonous they can cause an upset.

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