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Trump invites Abe to White House on Feb 10

By Kiyoshi Takenaka and Roberta Rampton

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So like an obedient dog Abe will be yapping around Trumps heels as summoned. I wonder how Aki will get on with his wife?

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So there's a school yard fight and Trump is calling his usual gang of Japan, England, and a couple others to his side. The US used to be able to walk all over the playground following the Cold Schoolyard War with the Russian, but now this huge new Chinese boy said nobody can come over to his side either and he and the Russian are talking and walking together. Trump isn't scared of either of them alone, but together is different especially since all the Kidz in the schoolyard are watching and will change loyalty to the top dog.

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Its best trump go to meet abe at Japan. I dont like him ordering abe to come. He already cancal tpp. Next cancel alliance.

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Don't go.

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I am willing to bet trumpy will state after the meeting "we had a meeting and it was a very good meeting ... we talked about a lot of things really important things and I think we are gonna get along really well" Which basically translates to he is gonna do what I want him to do or else!

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Japan had championed Lol

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I wonder if Trump can finish his tenure of four years or not.

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@ Schopenhauer Well with the good ol boys behind him, he will claim that Obama messed everything up and he will need another four years to undo that mess, also since it has been proven that voting doesn't count for anything and that the electoral college can appoint who they want to, trumpy will get his way.

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@weasel I doubt trumpy has any knowledge of the constitution much less the amendments, Bush and Co wiped their arses with them so we can expect trumpy and co to blow their noses with what rights and privileges we THINK we still have or are entitled to.

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ShermanJan. 29, 2017 - 07:32AM JST So like an obedient dog Abe will be yapping around Trumps heels as summoned. I wonder how Aki will get on with his >wife?

Nobody summoned anybody. According to CNN; "The 45-minute phone call between Trump and Abe included a discussion of the threat posed by North Korea, and both leaders agreed to speak face to face in Washington on February 10."

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Honest Abe, the Apprentice, has been summoned to Washington by El Trumpo, expecting either to be hired or fired after an audience with his new boss. This audition will test Abe's mettle, so for once I'm rooting for him, to give El Loco's "America First" jive the turtle turnover treatment and return with a "fair deal" from "He Who Must Be Obeyed".

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So, the first thing will be Abe begging for TPP negotiations and the second will be Trump blasting Abe about the Takata airbad disaster. Then, Abe will offer money to the US for some garbage, like paying for the Mexican wall.

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Trump and Abe included a discussion of the threat posed by North Korea

I'm more troubled by the threat to the rest of the world, posed by that other tyrannical narcissist, with the temper and bad hair-style.

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So like an obedient dog Abe will be yapping around Trumps heels as summoned. I wonder how Aki will get on with his wife?

Politically speaking Abe needs this more than Trump does. I 'd bet that it's more like Abe asked (political speak for begged) to have a meeting with Trump ASAP.

Abe wants to go over and try to "educate" Trump about the TPP and what it means for Asia, skipping around the fact that he put a ton of political clout to pushing it through here, only to get slapped in the face by Trump backing out, like he said he would. Abe didnt think it would happen, but went ahead anyway. Now Abe will push for a bilateral deal to save face.

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Trump is one kind of typical American. Violence is one symbol of America. Though it is not easy to meet a person like him at the age of 70 still violent, indecent and inconsiderate. Sometimes only violences can change the world. I have some hopes to him. Considerate person cannot change things.

-8 ( +2 / -10 )

This is who Trump is. He's used to people coming to him and not him going to people. This is the mentality of a cigar-chewing CEO type. Will he go to other countries? Not just yet, but if does not return the favor, well...............

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Trump invites Abe

That doesn't seem like a summoned by the President Trump. Maybe my definition of invites is different from some of the posters here. I am sure Abe will visit President Trump in the Japan's interests. Any leader would meet with the leader of the free world would be dumb not to accept the invitation.

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If this meeting goes anything like the TPP talks then Abe is in for another embarrassing and rude awakening.

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If this meeting goes anything like the TPP talks then Abe is in for another embarrassing and rude awakening.

What are you talking about? The TPP talks went fine, Obama and Abe and all the other participants came to an agreement. Abe pushed the ratification through, yet knowing all along, and quietly hoping that the US election rhetoric from both Clinton and Trump, was just that, election talk, and would not become reality.

Abe placed his bets and lost, big time, now he is pushing to cover his arse and come to a bilateral trade agreement with Trump and save some face.

What "rude" awakening are are referring to here? His embarrassment came from Trump following through with his election promise to back out of it, that's all, and nothing to do with any negotiations either.

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There will be no "exchange of views." Trump talks constantly at any meeting doesn't listen to anything or anyone.

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What "rude" awakening are are referring to here?

The fact that the person with the goods always wins the negotiation. Japan needs the US. Not likewise..

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Abe should not attend. Trump is an illegitimate president, and will not last long.

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@dlalder there is nothing illigitimate about him, he may be brash but finally the US has a leader with a backbone. We owe foreign immigrants nothing. They only people we owe is our own, just like any other country. I am happy the US is no longer going to be the worlds welfare. Please other nations stop being dependent on the US.

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Trump is getting a whole load of crap from almost the entire world at the moment, so it may actually be a fortunate time for Abe to meet with Trump around now as Trump would truly be a fool to start isolating his own allies

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@dlalder - Trump is not illegitimate. The United States is a constitutional republic and he was elected in accordance with the laws of the United States. I did not vote for Trump, nor did I support him as a candidate but he is the U.S. President. That said, it would be foolish of Abe to not attend.

As dcog said Trump is getting alot of crap for the entire world. Some warranted...some not. Trump is looking out for the interests of the U.S., which is his job. I do not necessarily think he is fit for office and think he is a loose canon but he is making it clear he is looking out for the U.S. first.

This is only the 2nd week of his presidency. It will be interesting to see what the articles and commentary on this website look like this summer.

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