Trumps visit emperor, empress


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About as similar as chalk and cheese.

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imagine translating trumps American to Japanese? At least the emperor met him in the carpark, that's cool.

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The titles "Emperor" and "Empress", out of respect for their positions, SHOULD be capitalized!

Moderator: It is not a question of respect. Titles are never capitalized unless they precede a name.

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Wonder about the level of skills of the interpreters - I've heard simultaneous and find them annoying I think it better to have slightly delayed gives one time to breathe, digest what was said and create an intelligent well-phrased response - talking isn't supposed to be a race.

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Fully certified translators need above native language abilities ( most have a PHD before becoming a translator).

My company/religion use them, but there is a lag as they need too fully understand sentences/meanings which often don't translate easy.

Add in cultural contents/usages.

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So the poor man had to meet with both Trump AND Duterte in one week?? What are they trying to do? Kill him and the empress before they can retire?  Meeting both of these buffoons is a feat worthy of being one of the 12 tasks of Hercules.

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Wonder about the level of skills of the interpreters 

I have a friend who is an official diplomat interpreter, he told me that typically speaking, direct translators can only do the job for 15 to 20 minutes a time during high level discussions, and usually there are 2 or 3 hired at a time.

With Trump's English level I am pretty sure a Japanese JHS's student could do the job!

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Trump, who is much taller than the emperor

Intellectually, Emperor Akihito towers above this vulgar upstart.

and tapped the emperor's arm repeatedly with his left hand

No sense of decorum or etiquette. Hopefully his highness will have that suit fumigated, just to make sure the stain of corruption has been removed.

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What would happen if the visiting President/PM was a woman, would she sit/talk with Emperor Akihito while her hubby talks with the Empress?

Herr Merkel & the Impress talking fitba would be interesting!

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"Hey emp, when we bomb North Korea it's gonna be yuge, yuge I tells ya!"

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Slightly inclined his head

Was that really newsworthy?

They engaged in deep conversation

With Trump?

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caption the pic: "putter there, Emp"

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Was that really newsworthy?

if you do not know why then you are not thinking very much. Obama was widely criticized for apologizing too much and bowing too much to other countries. Justified or not, that is the reason I am surprised someone does not know that

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"vulgar upstart". What a manners.

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Aly Rustom

So the poor man had to meet with both Trump AND Duterte in one week??What are they trying to do?

Haha indeed!

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So Japan now bends their knees to Trump.

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Obama was criticised for bowing to the Emperor, but is this not the correct protocol, manners? in my mind it is showing deep respect to a the Emperor, as Obama is in Japan, but if the Emperor traveled to the USA then a hand shake is the correct way, but I think that DT is being disrespectful by shaking hands. does any one know what is the correct protocol is?

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How is it that Trump doesn't know how to shake hands in the normal Western way? He thinks you place your hand palm up and barely extend it away from your own body (as per top picture). At least I hope he spared the Emperor the 'Trump yank' - pulling the other person's hand to Trump's hip, which usually follows this maneouvre.

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Well, Trump did the right thing. As he is not Japanese, and the emperor is not his sovereign, there is no reason to bow to anyone as long as you are the elected leader of a country, and you are not visiting as a vassal. A handshake will be sufficient.

The Obamas were badly advises, probably by some counsellor telling them that "it is polite to bow". Yes, but it is also polite to pay them a visit and shake hands. I bet the emperor also did not appreciate the attention given in the press to that bow.

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Hey moderator, can you stay on topic please?

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The Emperor of Japan is not a political figure or an elected official. It's similar to a religious and cultural figure in the flesh. The protocol is to bow. The deeper, the more respect is indicated. Even a half bow would have been acceptable. But this arrogant barbarian has no respect for anyone. Not even the Pope.

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Always good to see the Emperor welcoming other leaders. For his age, is still looking well. Visit will encourage Prez Trump to continue the ironclad tie between Washington & Tokyo.

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Nothing is wrong with shaking hands stop already people

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What a great start toPeesident Trump's first official meeting to Japan!

A great success!

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Sorry but I think Trump should bow. Refusing to bow is akin to refusing to shake hands imo.

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Master Class meets Royal Class.

Dignity and respect.

Both countries, great again!

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Trump did better. He is too tall to bow. He is not a Japanese some does not have to bow. Proper etiquette of bowing is you bow to your master only. There are Ogasawara Etiquet Guide Books.

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He was treated as visitors No. Banquets. So he went back to eat with Abe, etc. Japanese Gourmet? Figure what it is.

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GoodlucktoyouToday 12:56 pm JSTimagine translating trumps American to Japanese? At least the emperor met him in the carpark, that's cool.

It was smart (and protocol) that thy had interpreters. But both the emperor and empress speak English fluently. But they can just nod if the interpreter "softens" something stupid.

The president praised the emperor's residence and asked whether it was designed by the emperor himself.

Can't wait till he goes to England and asks the queen if she designed Buckingham Palace.

Obama drew criticism from U.S. conservatives as he was photographed bowing deeply to the emperor. Trump did not bow as he shook hands with the emperor

Well if you watch the video you'll see that Trump lowers his head while shaking hands enough to be construed as "slight bow of respect". On the other hand he may have had no choice due to the huge height difference. I had hopes for Melania being a European that she'd be more comfortable with royalty but she was as stiff as a board. Trump was more at ease.

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I hate when people say that Obama was too deferential to the emperor. He was brought up in Hawaii where even 2nd and 3rd generation Japanese nod to their elders and people in high positions. Plus Obama is tall and lanky so it looked like a deep bow considering the height of the emperor. Obama has more education and class than Trump. For the translator in this instance, I don't think it requires any high level of skills--maybe the emperor may say something sensible, but leave it to Trump to blab nonsense. Although I held my breath hoping that the American Pres. would not create any faux pax during his visit with royalty.

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There didn't seem to be a strong emphasis on getting everything exact during the state banquet and listening to the interpretation, I can surely say, a jr. high school student could easily do it. As you can see below, the interpretation does not even come close, but no one really cares what Trump has to say, let alone world leaders who are more intelligent than he.

Goodlucktoyou Nov 6 12:56 pm JST

Imagine translating trumps American to Japanese? At least the emperor met him in the carpark, that's cool.

From the state banquet:

Trump: It was really very much a working holiday. Even on the golf course, so we can call it a couple of days off, but it wasn't. It was full of work. Even as we played golf, all we did was talk about... different things. We better not go into it, but I have to tell you we did and I remember we made a lot of progress on a lot of fronts.

The Poor Interpreter: ゴルフは皆は休みの趣味と思いがちなんですけれども、私達は実は仕事ばっかりの話をしていました。いろいろな問題について話しました。

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